If You Spotted Celebrities Wearing THESE Bracelet At Oscars, BOYCOTT Them


As you have heard by now, several black entertainers have decided not to attend the Oscars this year because no blacks were nominated in the top categories. They say the whole thing is “too white…” Liberals are screaming about racism as usual.

But what you may not know is that many of the celebrities that are attending are pushing another liberal agenda- GUN CONTROL!

That’s right folks. Liberals will be shoving their anti-gun politics down the throats of America and the rest of the world, while being protected by armed bodyguards I might add.

Patricia Arquette, Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and other liberals will be promoting their campaign against gun violence by sporting special bracelets.


According to People magazine, the bracelets are “decorated in a simple black and gold design” and part of the Brady Campaign’s efforts to recruit celebs and other Hollywood “influencers” to join their push for gun control.

Photo Credit/ People Magazine

Photo Credit/ People Magazine

AWR Hawkins at Breitbart reports that the Brady Campaign is pressing Congress to pass universal background checks, among other things. Those checks are the law of the land in California, Colorado, and Washington State, where they have proven absolutely impotent to stop determined attackers. California witnessed the May 2014 Santa Barbara attack at the hands of Elliot Rodger and the San Bernardino terror attack on December 2, 2015; Colorado witnessed the Planned Parenthood gunman on November 27 and a high profile gunman on Halloween day; and four people were killed by an unnamed gunman in Washington State on February 26, 2016; yet gun control advocates are pressing for these checks to be instituted nationally as a way “to stop gun violence.”

The Brady Campaign is also pushing for an increase in the categories of persons completely banned from gun possession. But this has also already proven powerless to prevent determined gunman from attacking. We were reminded of this on February 25, when a felon who faced a 100 percent ban on gun possession allegedly opened fire on his fellow employees at Excel Industries in Kansas, killing three.

In addition to the fact that universal background checks–and numerous other gun controls–are a demonstrable failure, Arquette, Carell, and Cranston will bring added hypocrisy to the table by wearing their gun control bracelets while benefiting from layer after layer of good guys with guns at the Oscars. Deadline previously reported that the security at this year’s Oscars has been increased to such levels that it is being likened to “a military state.”


I have decided to join Will and Jada Smith, Spike Lee and Al Sharpton and BOYCOTT the Oscars.

Of course, I’m doing so for a completely different reason.

God Bless.


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