Watch As “Squad Member” AOC FREAKS OUT And Does This LIVE On Her Social Media- People Are Seriously Questioning Her Sanity


This goes way beyond a “surge”, this is a national crisis at our southern border that was designed and implemented by the Biden regime.

So of course AOC has to put her ludicrous beliefs into it and seriously, its tiring to hear the same thing over and over again with no actual intelligent dialogue to help heal our nation and the citizens.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is condemning the use of the term “surge” when discussing the ongoing border crisis at the southern border, FOX News reports.

“They wanna say, ‘But what about the surge?'” Ocasio-Cortez said on Tuesday night during an Instagram Live session. “Well, first of all, just gut check, stop. Anyone who’s using the term ‘surge’ around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame.”

“And that’s a problem because this is not a surge, these are children and they are not insurgents and we are not being invaded, which by the way is a white supremacist idea-philosophy, the idea that if another is coming in the population that this is an invasion of who we are,” the congresswoman continued. 

It would be nice if someone just simply told AOC to shut up, stop turning everything into a “white supremist” conspiracy.  Anyone else tired of the same broken record playing out of the democratic camp?

This is all out of her own mind, the baffling rhetoric is so blatantly obvious as she attempts to blame “white people” for the mass influx of illegal aliens at our southern border. Oh, and someone needs to tell her the definition of insurgency.

Insurgencyinsurrection against an existing government, usually one’s own, by a group not recognized as having the status of a belligerent. Rebellion within a group, as by members against leaders.

Then lets address the whole “surge” babble in-which she states, “But what about the surge?'” Ocasio-Cortez said on Tuesday night during an Instagram Live session. “Well, first of all, just gut check, stop. Anyone who’s using the term ‘surge’ around you consciously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame.”

Sigh, ok, let us once again help AOC (anyone else feel like sesame street failed her as  a child?) anyways:

Surge: a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep: the onward surge of an angry mob.

a strong, swelling, wavelike volume or body of something: a billowing surge of smoke.

Well there ya  have it, pesky facts by the very definition of the word “surge” proves the southern border actually is surging with numbers of illegal aliens showing up daily.   Also noteworthy, that the term “surge” has 0, nada, nothing to do with military what-so-ever.

Her comments raised eyebrows on social media.

One of her critics, senior writer Julio Rosas, who’s been reporting from the border, defended the “surge” term.

“I’ve been using the term ‘surge’ because there’s a higher than usual amount of people illegally crossing into the U.S. I’ve seen it with my own eyes on a nightly basis for the past week,” Rosas reacted.

 “Yes, there are kids here, often by themselves. It’s emotionally taxing to see that night after night because God only knows what they’ve been through. Funny how AOC raced down to TX for the winter storm but she can’t be bothered to come down now to see what’s happening.”

Also being ignored is that our current regime is well aware of these 3rd world nations citizens criminals, sexual predators as well as people who sell or rent their kids out to travel to the border with people so that they can gain entry.

To use and manipulate the illegal alien children and people to push her own agenda of “white supremacy and militarized” proves she is just another democrat who does not care about humanity nor the future of our great nation.

Our nations future, the citizens futures, all start with “We The People” coming together, uniting to heal as well as communicate the actual issues.  Once that starts, they will see the common factors that actually plague our nation and is designed to destroy the citizens as well as the foundations of our nation.

God Bless.


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God Bless.

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