IT’S HAPPENING: Look Who Is Pushing Back And Taking MAJOR Stand Against Dictator Joe… Spread THIS Everywhere

Citizens United on Thursday rolled out a new anti-Biden campaign in an effort to “fight back” against  Biden’s agenda and defend the “successful America first policies” of former President Trump, Fox News reports.

Citizens United, the conservative nonprofit famous for its role in loosening campaign finance restrictions, is set to introduce the new project at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla., which begins on Thursday.


Citizens United President David Bossie told Fox News that Citizens United’s new is an effort to “fight back.”

Is this a day late and a dollar short?  The Biden administration has already eradicated much of what President Trump had accomplished and created task forces to investigate “political extremism” aka, conservatives and republicans and white people.

What can Citizens United accomplish and how can they bring citizens together to create an open dialogue?  What has their past actions accomplished and can they withstand the new democratic regime?

Well we went to their website to look for answers and to dig into what Citizens United is all about.



Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are attempting to fundamentally change the United States of America.

Biden and Harris have vowed to implement the most progressive agenda in history.

Call it what you want – progressive, radical, or socialist – it all means the same thing: far less freedom for hardworking patriotic Americans.

The radical Biden-Harris agenda must be refuted, refused, and resisted – at every turn.

A coalition of freedom loving Americans must join together to defeat the radical Left’s dangerous agenda for America.

Individual liberty must be defended.  The Constitution must be protected.

In 2026, The United States of America will celebrate its 250th anniversary – our sestercentennial- and we must dedicate ourselves to celebrating that milestone as a free nation, under God.

If you cherish the Bill of Rights, join us.

If you support the police, join us.

If you are proud of American history, join us.

If you believe in pro-growth economic policies and free market capitalism, join us.

If you rely on private health insurance, join us.

If you stand with the rule of law, join us.

If you understand the importance of having the strongest military on Earth, join us.

If you believe in putting America first, join us.

Stand up and stop the radical Biden-Harris agenda at every turn.

Reject! Refuse! Resist!

The Biden and Harris regime have already began their witch hunts and the utter destruction of Freedoms and rights.  It is hard to fathom that the CPAC can push back any of the new executive orders or even protect citizens who choose to stand up instead of kneeling.

It was almost as if former President Trump knew what was coming if Biden and Harris took hold of The White House as he warned the nation.

Fox News continued, Bossie told Fox News that Biden “did not receive a mandate to impose his radical agenda on America and we won’t let him undo the successful America first policies of Donald Trump without a fight.”

The website will feature videos and op-eds and will allow supporters to join petitions as well as stay up to date on Citizens United investigations and ongoing Freedom of Information Act litigation “in order to hold Biden accountable.”

The website features petitions for supporters to join, including one to “restore trust in our elections,” another to “fight the Biden amnesty,” and another to “appoint a special counsel” to take on the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

In a way, it seems Citizens United believes they can push back through legal petitions and law suits to preserve and protect the citizens rights.  Yet even the republicans are divided, with some choosing their positions, power and greed over freedoms and rights of citizens.

Fox News reported:

“Since the Never-Trump resistance warriors and fake news liberal media refuse to cover how the Biden administration’s radical, liberal agenda will impact the lives of everyday Americans, we decided to launch this project to educate the American people,” Bossie said. 

“The media covers Biden’s early bedtimes and cozy fires in the Oval Office and how he plays video games with his grandchildren,” Bossie told Fox News. “Two sets of rules. Trump never got this type of coverage.” 

It will be interesting what is said at the CPAC convention in Florida on Thursday and it will also be the 1st time Former President Trump has citizens get to hear from him and his plans for the future.

As Fox News noted, CPAC is bringing a high-profile slate of Republican speakers, including top lawmakers like Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Josh Hawley, R-Mo. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be there. So will high-profile state officials like Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp still expects a crowded hall for the conference’s top speeches and a large number of politically engaged high school and college students.

Former President Trump will speak at the conference as the headliner on Sunday afternoon, the final day of the conference. And his son Donald Trump Jr. will be headlining the first full day of CPAC on Friday. 

As our nation and citizens are pushed into further division as well as agencies under Biden’s regime investigating them, people continue to hold onto hope, hope that this nightmare will come to an end and that actual peace and unity will once again, unite the people.



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