WATCH: Liberal Snowflake Starbucks Worker Calls COPS On Trump Supporter After Seeing What He…


A customer at a Delray Beach, Florida Starbucks is now no longer a customer of the Starbucks franchise. The customer placed his order and when asked his name for order pick-up, he told them he wanted the name “Trump” written on his cup.  He was stunned when the butthurt, millennial barista and his manager REFUSED his request.  Not only did they refuse, but they actually called the cops on him! This is against Starbucks policy as well, but apparently that was of no nevermind to this social justice warrior!  He was going to SAVE THE WORLD from the name Trump written on a cup….err something…..

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A video of the incident was posted a day before Donald Trump’s election as president on Twitter and it has now gone viral. Leaving a LOT of very angry people in its wake, as well as a LOT of FORMER Starbucks customers! The video showed the millennial manager and employees definitely refusing to write the name and calling the cops.


“That’s the name I want to be heard and seen as today,” the customer said. “And you’re refusing to do that?”

“Yeah,” the manager, Ryan, replied. “And we’re calling the cops.”

How does that call even go?

Butthurt Barista – “Hello? Officer? I need you to come arrest a man for hurting my feelings!”

Officer – “Hurt your feelings how?”

Butthurt Barista – “He said the word TRUMP!” <<hissy fit and mindless crying ensues>>

Officer – <<hysterical and uncontrollable laughter>>

It seems that police resources and our tax dollars that are used to fund them might be better utilized on ACTUAL crime instead of a crybaby that apparently needs a safe space, a binky, and a his blankie to get through life. Never mind that Starbucks seems to have a history of these sort of histrionics.  It seems that this company doesn’t understand the meaning of word-of-mouth advertisement. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo.  The 1990s are over and they are no longer a trend.  Overpriced coffee that sucks!  It’s just one more reason I feed my coffee addiction elsewhere.

Apparently, just like at Alice’s Restaurant – you can be anything you want at Starbucks…..EXCEPT for Trump.  That’s an issue.  If bakers are forced to bake cakes for same-sex marriages against their religious beliefs per order of the court, then a crybaby butthurt barista can get over himself and make a cup of coffee and write TRUMP on it.

h/t – InfoWars

God Bless.

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