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In their efforts to promote open borders and globalism, while defying President Trump and his “America First” agenda, Democrats and Never-Trumpers have sunk to all new lows to block the President from enacting immigration policies that would protect Americans from jihad terror.

Hawaii is leading the charge this time with challenging the revamped and rewritten immigration ban set to go into effect this week on March 15.  Hiring Attorney Neal Katyal, the state of Hawaii filed suit against the Trump administration, seeking to block the president’s latest executive order.


But who IS Neal Katyal, you might ask?

Why he just happens to be the pro-bono defender of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard.  Why would he care about protecting Americans from jihad terror?

The short answer?  He doesn’t… not even a little bit.

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According to the Washington Free Beacon


“The lead attorney for the latest legal challenge to President Trump’s executive order implementing a 90-day suspension on visa issuance to U.S.-bound travelers from six countries where terrorism remains a heightened concern, also volunteered to serve as legal counsel for Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard, Samir Hamdan on a pro-bono basis.


On Tuesday, Neal Katyal, a former acting solicitor general of the United States during the Obama administration, filed suit on behalf of the state of Hawaii against the Trump administration, seeking to block the president’s latest executive order.

Katyal, whose name was once floated as a possible Obama Supreme Court nominee, but whose consideration was ultimately withdrawn due to perceived trouble that his nomination would encounter in the Senate, argues in Hawaii’s filing that this new executive order suffers from the same legal problems of the original order.

Neal Katyal sued the U.S. government in 2006 on behalf of Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard, Samir Hamdan in the landmark legal case Hamdan v. Rumsfeld. In his arguments however, Katyal made several questionable arguments, including equating the criminal justice rights of legal U.S. green card holders to captured foreign al Qaeda terrorists under the military commission system at the time….”

Katyal filed a 40-page brief just before midnight on Tuesday, requesting that a federal judge issue an emergency restraining order blocking implementation of the new executive order.

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Hawaii’s attorney general Douglas Chin issued a statement, stating the filings request the court to declare sections 2 and 6 of Trump’s executive order contrary to the constitution and federal law.

“Sections 2 and 6 of the March 6, 2017 Executive Order violate the Immigration and Nationality Act by discriminating on the basis of nationality, ignoring and modifying the statutory criteria for determining terrorism-related inadmissibility, and exceeding the President’s authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act.
The new executive order is resulting in the establishment of religion in the state of Hawaii contrary to its state constitution; it is inflicting immediate damage to Hawaii’s economy, educational institutions, and tourism industry; and it is subjecting a portion of the state’s citizens to second-class treatment and discrimination, while denying all Hawaii residents the benefits of an inclusive and pluralistic society.
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“The executive order means that thousands of individuals across the United States and in Hawaii who have immediate family members living in the affected countries will now be unable to receive visits from those persons or to be reunited with them in the United States.”
The Justice Department declined to comment on the filing, but will have an opportunity to respond to the state’s amended complaint against the travel ban on March 13.
“The entire history and culture of Hawaii is based upon nondiscrimination either in its constitution as well as its laws.Hawaii has 20% foreign-born residents and 100,000 people who are not citizens as well as 20% of our workforce that are not foreign born.”
Just like the lawsuit that originated in Washington with U.S. District Court Judge Robart on the original temporary immigration ban, the entire crux of this issue boils down to foreign workers and states such as Washington and Hawaii willing to put Americans in danger in their efforts to protect the interests of NON-citizens.  They are willing to pull out all the stops in their efforts to thwart President Trump and his attempts to protect Americans and American interests, even going so far as to hire an attorney that knowingly defends terrorists that have intentionally HARMED America and killed Americans in their efforts to do so.

God Bless.

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