BREAKING: This State Just Changed Rules To SHUT DOWN Criminal Investigations Into Hillary Clinton

State of Maryland Changes Rules to Avoid Investigation into Hillary Clinton Corruption Charges…


Once again it seems that Hillary Clinton will be allowed to get a free pass for her blatant corruption, moral bankruptcy, and obstruction of justice.  This time courtesy of the Maryland state bar.


Last month attorney Ty Clevenger won a court order demanding the state’s attorney grievance commission investigate David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson over accusations of destruction of evidence.  These are three attorneys instrumental in helping then-Secretary of State Hillary delete her  infamous “private emails.”

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According to many Americans, this is an investigation that is long overdue into the secret email account tied to a server Hillary kept at her home in New York.  She used this private email server to conduct official business while she was head of the State Department, though it was clearly against policy. Yet rather than hold Hillary and her minions accountable the state of Maryland refuses to divulge the progress of the probe, breaking its usual rules.



The state of Maryland has also quietly changed the rules on how the state bar investigates complaints filed by people who gain their knowledge through public reporting rather than personal knowledge.  This allows the bar to refuse to investigate legitimate complaints of corruption and malfeasance simply due to the means the information is obtained. Clevenger’s complaint was filed prior to the change and therefore does not directly apply to this instance but will apply going forward.


Clevenger writes of the issue on his blog – – stating –

“Meanwhile, the ruling class in Maryland is trying to make sure that they can keep sweeping things under the rug in the future. On June 20, 2017, the state’s highest court quietly changed the rules to permit bar prosecutors to dismiss complaints that are not based on the personal knowledge of the complainant (see the “Historical Notes” at the bottom of Maryland Rule 19-711).  That is exactly the stunt that Maryland officials tried when I first filed the complaint against Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers, arguing that because I obtained my evidence from public sources, they did not need to investigate my complaint. I only discovered the rule change by accident while I was drafting my latest motion.”

The suburbs of Washington DC in Maryland are some of the most liberal and wealthiest counties in the country and we all know the Clintons have friends in high places and with deep pockets.
Clevenger goes on to explain JUST how dangerous this particular rule is for the public at large, stating –

“I suppose I should be flattered that Maryland changed the rules just for little old me, but I’m not.  The purpose of the rule change is to protect the powerful and the well-connected at the expense of the public. If a politically-powerful attorney gets caught doing something dirty, it’s far more likely that a third-party will file a grievance. Attorneys do not normally file bar grievances against their opposing counsel, even when they know the other attorney has done something sleazy. The same is true for judges, and clients rarely know that they have the option of reporting the misconduct of their opponent’s lawyer.  Now that the public is cut out of the process, the odds are much lower that a well-connected attorney will ever face a bar investigation.”

Clevenger is doing his level best to see that corrupt and dirty, yet well connected and politically-powerful attorneys are held accountable.  Hillary and her band of merry minions are in violation of the ethics that are set up to govern the legal profession by helping Hillary to delete official government record emails kept on her secret account, even as they were being sought in a congressional probe. It is blatantly obvious – yet the Maryland state bar rather than attempting to do their job in holding these criminals accountable, they are actually aiding and abetting criminal behavior.
Clevenger won an order forcing the state bar to investigate the lawyers yet the bar attempted to have the complaint dismissed as frivolous without even investigating it. Monday Clevenger was back in court forced to ask the judge to order the bar investigators to release documents showing their progress in the probe thus far. Despite his best efforts, he states there has been no response.  His fear is the bar is not conducting the full probe ordered by the court or they are willfully withholding access to progress as a means to deny wrongdoing that has been discovered.
Clevenger calls it little more than “First Amendment retaliation” and he plans to continue to fight.  If you would like to help him do so and show your support – contact the Maryland State Bar Association to show your displeasure in their lack of ethics and their continued protection of criminal behavior at the expense of the American people. Their phone number is  (410) 514-7051 or email

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