BREAKING: This State Just Literally Legalized CHILD PROSTITUTION… Here’s What We Know



Just when you think Democrats couldn’t stoop any lower here it is… lower than low.

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California Democrats have just shoved a whole new perverted door wide open, taking progressive-groupthink past stupid and into genuine evil.


Child prostitution will be legal in the state of California beginning Jan. 1, allowing teenage girls and boys to be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.

Senate Bill 1322 requires that they child prostitutes be designated as “victims,” not criminals.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill banning police from arresting under aged prostitutes on Sept. 26 and it will go into effect Sunday.


The law mandates polices to report incidences of child prostitution to child welfare agencies.

Proponents of the law argue that it will incentivize child victims of sex trafficking seek treatment instead and help minors avoid facing juvenile detention and being weighed down by a misdemeanor conviction.

“The law is supposed to protect vulnerable children from adult abuse, yet we brand kids enmeshed in sex-for-play with a scarlet ‘P’ and leave them subject to shame and prosecution,” Los Angeles Sen. Holly J. Mitchel who introduced the bill, said. “This is our opportunity to do what we say is right in cases of sex trafficking: stop the exploiters and help the exploited.”

Paul Durenberger, an assistant chief district attorney in Sacramento County who oversees human trafficking cases, told the Sacramento Bee in February  that SB 1322 is the type of “bill that a trafficker would want to write to protect themselves.”

Supporters of legalizing child prostitution aren’t foreseeing the law’s unintended consequences, Assembly Member Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) warns.

“Pimping and pandering will still be against the law whether it involves running adult women or young girls. But legalizing child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls,” he wrote in a Thursday op-ed.  “Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can’t interfere with minors engaging in prostitution — which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps, and more victims for them to exploit.”

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh also decried the law.

Rather than worrying about how an arrest will make them feel, we should be worrying about getting child prostitutes off the street and bringing their exploiters to justice. Fear of arrest and prosecution is what keeps many young people from entering into prostitution, so taking away the consequences will remove one of the last barriers of entry into the dangerous lifestyle.

Pimps, child molesters and degenerate politicians are celebrating.

When it’s OK to kill babies and sell their body parts, almost anything goes.

This is why we don’t let the moon bats in California dictate national election outcomes.

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