BREAKING: State Dept. Warns ISIS Will ATTACK These Cities, Here’s What We Know

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The United States is issuing a “Travel Warning” for Americans planning to head to Europe for the holidays. The State Department is warning people to be “extra vigilante” amid fears of attacks by ISIS. 

Attacks are ‘probable’ in many U.S. cities according to reports.

These cities include, but are not limited to New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, SanFrancisco, Miami and others.

So, how are these people supposed to protect themselves with these Islamist terrorists that these countries, including America (until President Trump takes over) are bringing in by the 100’s of thousands?

Are they supposed to shoot spit wads at them? I mean, these Eurpoean countries have banned firearms for the most part. This whole mess has been created by bleeding heart liberals.

The heightened alert comes during the holidays as Muslim terrorists will be targeting crowded areas such as shopping centers, parades and celebrations.

Yeah, they will show up and do what they do – kill as many people as they can in the name of Allah. It’s fact.

ISIS will be carrying out terrorist attacks throughout Europe as well as the United States.

They will be using automobiles loaded with explosives.

They will also be using mentally ill people to carry out suicide missions.

Intelligence sources confirm that there are tens of thousands of Islamic terrorists that are in place to carry out their attacks thanks in part to the refugee programs.

These savages enter countries virtually unchecked and once in the country, they connect with their fellow terrorists and get weapons, ammunition and their orders.

Car bombs will be the main choice of the terrorists during the holidays.

So the State Department is advising us to be extra vigilant? I take that advice to mean to be sure you have ample ammo, plenty of loaded magazines at the ready as well as any other defensive weaponry required to protect yourself.

Screw these animals. 

This all changes January 20, 2017!

God Bless. 



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