TEXAS – El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser declared a state of emergency in response to the Biden’s illegal alien invasion which is wreaking havoc at the Mexico border as well as throughout America.

Leeser who is a democrat had previously resisted issuing an emergency declaration but the invasion has gotten so out of control that he has no choice but to take action.

These democrats have completely lost control of the southern border and are now finally crossing the line and begging for help.

These democrats are so freaking incompetent it’s unbelievable.

They continue to allow these illegal aliens, many who are diseased, sex offenders, drug traffickers and murderers and are only now reaping the hell that the have caused.

And, they have no plan to stop this invasion.

Meanwhile us tax-payers are footing the bill to house, clothe, educate, give free food and medical and so much more it’s insane.

The drug cartels are getting filthy rich off of Biden’s lack of border security and he doesn’t give a damn.


While this Democrat has finally declared a state of emergency, that’s not enough for the citizens and vigilant El Paso residents are taking border security into their own hands.

They have no choice.

It is completely out of control.

Patriot United News reports that the most the Biden regime could come up with is a past-due payment on what the city already covered. The big “plan” Alejandro Mayorkas had been promising was finally revealed. “Throw open the gates and let them all in.” Beyond that, nobody has any idea what to do with 18,000 new citizens expected per day. Get your free live-in labor now, while supplies last, officials are suggesting, off the record.

Residents take security measures

Residents of El Paso, Texas, neighborhood Cedar Grove have “taken security measures into their own hands as Border Patrol is overwhelmed.”

As reported by local outlets, the city is “not only seeing a record number of migrants turn themselves in to Border Patrol, but El Paso is seeing many migrants cross illegally without being encountered by agents.” There are simply too many of them.

The local Fox crew “spoke to residents in the Lower Valley about the situation and how they are taking security measures into their own hands to stay safe.” Raymond Beltran was happy to fill them in.

“I’ve seen several immigrants come actually for the past week and a half.” A neighbor added “we’ve seen a lot of people crossing over. Personally, I’ve seen more than 30 people a day.” Latest up to the minute numbers say there were 2,500 per day crossing for the past three days.

The migrating invaders aren’t content to keep to the public roadways. Besides stealing anything they find useful, they abandon their belongings everywhere. Former residents of third-world nations don’t give a hoot about pollution.

In Cedar Grove, they’re all seasoned veterans of the border war. “Migrants crossing the border highway is nothing new to them.”

Trespassing day and night

Migrant anarchists don’t care about “laws.” They’re special and can do as they please. “I called the police department,” Beltran relates. “They came this morning and they told me there’s nothing they can do.”

Pointing at the latest wave of trash, garbage and various belongings strewn around his home, he passed along what law enforcement told him and his fellow residents. “just throw them away and get rid of them.” Carefully though, there might be fentanyl in there. “And that’s what I did.”

“We worry because we don’t know who is coming over. There are good people who cross and there are bad people that cross as well,” another of the local residents chimed in. That’s why they had to take “security measures into their own hands.” Border Patrol “is overwhelmed with migrants showing up at the border.”

“ABC News says 2,500 illegal immigrants have crossed into El Paso every day this week, with 18,000+ per day expected when the Biden administration ends Title 42 this week.”

Biden says “there are more important things going on.”

El Paso police can’t cope with the overflow. Mayor Oscar Leeser understands and he’s doing what he can. “El Paso police department is willing to do what it needs, the Sheriff’s department, so we’ll all be working together to, along with DPS (Department of Public Safety), to make sure that all areas including the border highway is secured.”

Meanwhile, Beltran and his friends will do their part, too. “We have taken measures to put up locks and chains because of fear. Because a lot of people who live in this area are senior citizens,” another of the residents added.

Beltran gestured as he noted “just keep an eye out. Now I lock my fence. It was a nice and quiet neighborhood.” Then Biden was ‘elected.*’ “Border Patrol does not have the man power to really patrol the whole border today and to continue to do as asylum seekers come in. It’s important we have proper protection.”

* Fact Check note: Recently revealed documents suggest Biden “election” not confirmed as legitimate.

Biden and the COMMUNIST/DEMOCRATS have unleashed hell on America.

We have to take back our country.

This catastrophe is unsustainable.

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God Bless.

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