State Of Emergency WAS Declared Due To TERRORIST TAKEOVER Of American City

Portland Violence Escalates Into Riots, Again, Over Mayor Extending State Of Emergency


Portland continues to see riots, looting and violence, all in the name of defunding the police nationwide, racism as well as Black Lives Matter and Antifa domestic terrorists pushing their own agendas.

It is amazing that Portland still has police officers who are willing to suit up every night and still go out to serve and protect.

Portland has turned into a staging ground, a place where the left can test out their tactics and see what the masses will do.

Police in Portland, Oregon, declared a riot in the northwest part of the city late Friday night after rioters began smashing windows, tagging graffiti on buildings and broke into a restaurant, Fox News reports. 

A resident who was filming the mayhem had a rock thrown through his window by a rioter, police said.

The unrest came after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler extended the state of emergency in the city through the weekend over possible continued unrest, according to FOX 12 of Oregon.

The Portland Police Bureau said the planned protest that had been billed as an “autonomous demonstration.” It started around 9 p.m. PT with around 75 protesters dressed all in black who started vandalizing property around 15 minutes after they began marching from a park near the city’s downtown.

Let’s see if we understand this, the Mayor had to extend the states state of emergency due to the rioting, looting and violence.  So in return the “demonstrations” turned to rioting, looting and violence in response.  It is an endless cycle that makes no sense.

All of this is allowed to happen in Portland, this is not about change or unity, otherwise the people would demand Portland’s politicians to be removed.  If the police truly wanted to put an end to this, they would but it is clear they do not, when over 75 rioters are breaking the law and the police detain 2, it is clear.

Fox News continues:

Police said they issued dispersal orders that were largely ignored and two people were arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center.

The rioters eventually dispersed, police said.

The riot follows similar unrest this week spurred by the conviction of ex-Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin in the May 2020 death of George Floyd and other fatal police shootings in Minnesota, Ohio and North Carolina.

“Tonight, the anarchists have called for more destruction,” Wheeler said in a news conference Friday afternoon announcing the emergency extension, according to KGW-TV in Portland. “I’ve directed the police bureau to arrest and engage illegal activity whenever they can safely do so.”

The emergency declaration, which allows the mayor to issue a curfew or close streets, ends at noon on Monday, FOX 12 reported.

2 arrests… give me a freaking break.

Welcome to the New America under the Biden regime, where violence and riots are allowed and white republicans and conservatives are targeted.

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