BREAKING News Out Of Nebraska- Your Stomach Is About To TURN After You See THIS [W VIDEO]


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This particular report is extremely disturbing given the gravity of the crime as well as the unbelievable sentencing that this woman received for her horrendous actions.

This really makes me mad as hell and I’m sure that after reading this you will feel the same.

Here’s the report:

Celeste Burgess and her mother, Jessica Burgess, 42, were charged with multiple felonies last August for attempting to carry out an illegal late-term home abortion and then trying to burn and bury her aborted child.

Norfolk police were initially tipped off in April 2022 that Celeste had given birth to a stillborn baby in a bathtub, court documents said at the time.

Burgess, who was only 17 at the time of the alleged incident, later told investigators that she had a miscarriage and disposed of the fetus with her mother’s help.

Burgess, from Norfolk, pleaded guilty earlier in the year to the charge of concealing or abandoning a freaking dead body for God’s sake.

I mean, that is pure evil!

Aborting the baby, burning it and burying it is insane and one would expect an extremely harsh sentence- am I right?

20 years to life sounds reasonable.

But no, the sentence she received for this SATANIS act was unbelievably low.

This scumbag was sentenced to a mere 90 days in jail along with two years of probation!

As part of an agreement with prosecutors, two other misdemeanor charges – false reporting and concealing the death of another person were dropped.

Concealing the death of another person is a freaking misdemeanor?

That’s just wrong.

The allegations revolve around Celeste and her 42-year-old mother, Jessica Burgess, who are said to have collaborated in terminating the pregnancy, Breaking 911 reports. The abortion took place well into Celeste’s third trimester, which, at the time, violated Nebraska law since it banned abortions after 20 weeks of gestation.

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Reports say that Jessica Burgess acquired abortion pills online, which she then provided to her then-17-year-old daughter during the spring of 2022.

New York Post reports that when police unearthed the makeshift gravesite in a field, they found the infant’s remains with “thermal injuries,” the documents said.

A search of the mother and daughter’s Facebook messages eventually revealed a plan to perform a home abortion and destroy the evidence.

Burgess even told her mother “how she can’t wait to get the ‘thing’ out of her body,” according to the original court write-up.

In another message, Jessica told her daughter that she had the abortion pills and told her how to end the 29-week pregnancy.

As of May 2023, abortions past 12 weeks gestation are illegal in Nebraska.

Now get this.

Her sentence may be reduced to closer to 50 days “due to the possibility of good time,” Andrew Nelson of Courthouse News said.


This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Now, I am not an attorney, DA, prosecutor or judge and I don’t make the laws but as a freaking decent, God loving American I will say that this is NOT justice.

It’s as if her last name is Biden.

This country has lost it’s way.

I can’t express how pissed off I am about this.

I am so disappointed with the way our country is headed.

Rest in peace little angel.


Here’s the video report from KTIV News 4:


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