Strange Vehicle Spotted In Hillary’s Motorcade Could Mean HUGE Trouble For Campaign [VID]


It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton isn’t healthy. Of course she suffered a concussion that enabled her to answer The FBI’s questions with “I don’t recall.” She has a Dr. travel with her to inject drugs into her so she doesn’t spaz out like a freak. And of course, she has massive coughing fits during her rallies and rigged meetings with the press.

It appears that her health is deteriorating at a rapid rate and this latest revelation is proof.


You see, Hillary’s motorcade now includes an AMBULANCE. That’s right folks, an ambulance is no a part of Hillary’s motorcade, which underscores the candidate’s major health issues.

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 at Infowars reports that in a video by Infowars correspondent Millie Weaver, an ambulance is seen following behind Hillary’s campaign bus with its lights on, indicating it’s part of Hillary’s motorcade as she visited Cleveland, Ohio on Labor Day weekend.


Check it out- skip to the 6:43 mark to see the ambulance.


YouTube video courtesy of Millennial Millie

Hillary Clinton nearly hacks up a lung uncontrollably coughing during a speaking event in Cleveland, OH. With an ambulance as part of her motorcade and a gurney on standby, will Hillary even survive the 2016 Presidential election?

The ambulance isn’t that unusual given Hillary’s poor health – and even if Trump has an ambulance in his motorcade as a precaution, it’s likely he doesn’t rely on it like Hillary given her previous hospital visits.

As we reported, Hillary even suffered a severe coughing fit during her speech on Monday which lasted over four minutes.

But then, after thinking she had recovered, she began breaking down into another episode of endless hacking.

Then, she had another coughing fit while on her plane with journalists, which worked to her advantage because she was unable to anwer the lame questions asked by reporters.

Sean Brown at Politiculture has more:

According to Hillary, she suffers from what she says are seasonal allergies that cause her to have uncontrollable coughing fits, and that’s what she said caused it this time around too. Of course, the sycophant media jumped on board with the excuse, and they even went further in throwing shade for the Democrat nominee for president.

Oddly enough, when she was on her new campaign airliner she also suffered a similar fit, causing her to end her brief welcome to the press pool covering her campaign. The timing couldn’t have been better either as the fit occurred right after the press lobbed a few softball questions.

Following the two coughing episodes, both Hillary’s campaign and MSNBC claimed that “Allergens were high in Northeast Ohio on Monday,” just before they made the claim that there’s “no evidence to indicate she is unwell.”

Apparently, that was a load of bologna. If you were to check allergen tracking websites for the areas she was in when the coughing fits occurred, you’d find that allergens were actually considered to either be “low” or “good,” which is the exact opposite of what Hillary’s enablers claimed.

A Secret Service source also told Infowars that Hillary has major neurological health problems which could be linked to Parkinson’s or a similar disease.

Hillary’s campaign also keeps Hillary away from the press because camera flashes can cause her seizures, the source stated, adding that a half-million dollars was spent to adapt three SUVs with lowered floods and disabled access to prevent Hillary from tripping.

Hillary also appeared to be in pain while stepping off a plane for an outdoor fundraiser in Nantucket, Mass., on Aug. 21, but what’s really interesting is the fact that she took the plane to travel 20 miles instead of a helicopter which would have made more sense.

Do the vibrations and inertia of helicopter rides aggravate her health issues?

So that has made many conclude that she is plagued by some sort of disease–that if she were to become president, Tim Kaine would be one feeble heartbeat away from from holding the Oval.




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