Stranger Shames Mother For Parking In Handicapped Spot, Her Response Will Break Your Heart…


A Tulsa mother named Colleen Stice said a stranger left a nasty note on her car slamming her for using a handicapped parking spot at a local Target store.

“We watched you pull into handicap spot and get out carrying a toddler,” the note read. “You have no right to park in a handicap! It is for handicap people! Shame on you!”


The young mother said the stranger was too quick to judge- you see, her 4-year-old son uses a wheelchair. They didn’t have it with them at the time because it was being cleaned after her son had an accident. She said her handicapped tag was in full view on her car’s rear view mirror.

 Stice said that what the stranger didn’t see was how much she struggled to hold her son after a long day of shopping for Christmas presents.

Here is her post in it’s entirety:

“Dear judgmental people at the Tulsa Hills Target this afternoon,

While I can almost appreciate your wanting to stand up for disabled people everywhere by “doing something” about a person parking in a handicapped parking spot, please find another way to advocate for the disabled. What you did today truly hurt someone, and *you* should be ashamed. You left a note on my windshield (where my handicapped tag was in full view) that read “We watched you pull into the handicap spot and get out carrying a toddler. You have no right to park in a handicap! It is for handicap people! Shame on you!” You left this note after seeing me pull into the spot, pick my son Rowan up out of the back seat, and carry him quickly towards the front door of Target. Please allow me to tell you what you didn’t see. You didn’t see that Rowan, who turns 4 in two days can’t walk more than a few steps at a time. You didn’t see that he doesn’t understand that flailing, kicking, and trying to hurl himself backward makes it incredibly difficult, painful, and exhausting to carry him. You didn’t see that his wheelchair was at home because due to an accident he’d had, the cushion had to be removed and washed at home. You didn’t see that I had already carried him through two stores that didn’t have carts. You didn’t see that the closest spot available that wasn’t handicapped was so far out that I almost talked myself out of getting the last of Rowan’s Christmas presents just so I didn’t have to carry him that far, or use a handicapped spot. You didn’t see that my arms were close to giving out by the time I got to the door of Target. You didn’t see that I put that handicapped tag to use very rarely because while I may be struggling with Rowan quite often, I know there are people worse off and who deserve to use those spots more than I do. You didn’t see that walking away from my car, I put on a brave face, but deep down I wondered if someone was quietly judging me because they don’t know why I parked there (this happens *every* time I use a handicapped spot).


There really was no way for you to have seen these things, because you couldn’t, because it’s none of your business. It is not your place to judge me or my decisions on where to park. It isn’t your place to shame me the way you did. Don’t let today’s society make you think otherwise. I know shaming has become a huge part of our culture these days, but please, please, don’t do this to another person. You don’t know what they may be going through. I was having an alright day today, but I was doing what I could to ignore the sad feelings that arise around Rowan’s birthday every year. These feelings happen to all special needs parents when they see their children turning another year older, but mentally not aging more than a few months if they’re lucky. What you did made me cry. What you did blew away the wall I had put up to keep those feelings from getting to me. What you did hurt me more than you can possibly understand. And I was having an alright day.

Imagine how bad days can get for special needs parents. The possibilities are endless. You don’t know me, and you don’t know the next person you see parking in a handicapped spot. Don’t shame them. They probably don’t deserve it. Just be kind.”

Rowan’s Mom

Poor lady.

We wish her the best and hope she has a wonderful Christmas.

God Bless.

(h/t Rare)



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God Bless.


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