BUSTED: Look Who Meryl Streep Gave Standing Ovation To In 2003- This Is SICK [VIDEO]

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Everyone’s talking about what a pathetic liberal moron Meryl Streep is using her Golden Globes acceptance speech to go on a long rant about how horrible Donald Trump is.

She went off on Trump for mocking a disabled reporter during his campaign which has been proven to be total bullsh*t.

But facts mean nothing to libs.

As she bashed President-elect Trump and millions of us ‘deplorables’,  a flash to the past showing Streep’s enthusiastic support of convicted child rapist Roman Polanski back in 2003 has resurfaced.

Twitchy reported:

Since we’re talking about Meryl Streep and her use of the Golden Globes to bash President-elect Donald Trump, here’s a reminder that there’s a reason conservatives hate Hollywood. Fast-forward to the 1:10 mark in the clip below to see Streep (and lots of other top names in Hollywood) giving convicted rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation when he won the Academy Award for Best Director for “The Pianist” in 2003.

The director fled the United States in 1978 to avoid prosecution for the rape of a 13-year-old girl. Polanski finally admitted his guilt in 2011.

Poland’s Supreme Court recently rejected the latest attempt to extradite Polanski to the U.S.

YouTube video courtesy of Oscars

is beyond just Hollywood hypocrisy — it’s downright disgusting.

Streep used her bully pulpit to breathlessly criticize Donald Trump for allegedly making fun of a disabled New York Times reporter — which, if she bothered to do even an iota of research, she’d know that he didn’t actually do.

But even if Trump did make an offensive joke, it’s frightening to think that someone finds a rude joke worse than child rape.

It’s disgusting that Streep thought it was perfectly fine to applaud a child rapist because a bunch of Hollywood elites think he directs movies well, but is aghast by something that Trump didn’t actually do …

This level of hypocrisy is why millions of Americans can’t stand Hollywood elitists — and, interestingly enough, a major theme in why Trump was elected.

Americans are fed up with leftist elitism and the dark direction it has taken our country.


I like to call the garbage.

Screw them all.

God Bless. 

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