Students Outraged After Gay Flag Burning On Campus, Then They See Who’s Doing It…

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Back in February students at the University of British Columbia decided to fly the gay flag on campus during their week long celebration of… well being gay I suppose.

Then tragedy struck. Someone lit the flag on fire and of course libs were calling it a hate crime and took to social media to blame us ‘homophobes.’

Check it out:

UBC calling it an act of hate. Pride flag was taken down & burned sometime over the long weekend. RCMP investigating


Students didn’t feel safe- lol.

In case it was ever unclear that our work isn’t done: “UBC students feel unsafe after Pride flag burned on campus”


And in a since deleted tweet, a high school teacher even wrote:

“A flag is a symbolic demarcation of a community. Burning a flag = burning a collective identity = burning humans.”

Oh for God’s sake. Unbelievable.

It didn’t take long to find out who was responsible for this hate crime. 31-year-old UBC student Brooklyn Marie Fink has been charged with mischief for allegedly burning a rainbow LGBT pride flag.

But here’s the kicker folks- FINK IS A TRANSSEXUAL WOMAN!!! LOL! You can’t make this stuff up!


Lol! What a mess he/she is.

IJ Review has more:

After a court hearing, Fink spoke to the CBC, explaining her actions:

“As a media artist, I intended in burning the flag only to illustrate my displeasure at the university’s failure to come to an agreement on the fact of the flag’s offensiveness. [The burning] was met with hate and prejudice rather than critical self-reflection, so this has been a learning experience for me.”

Fink also commented that the raised awareness in the media and the American public has made life more stressful and frightening for her:

“Ten, 12 years ago I was just a tall woman and nobody thought anything of it.”

“But because these gender nonconformers are being so loud and proud … now everybody looks and they can see oh, that tall woman with a deep voice, maybe she’s a dude.”

She is not exactly sorry for her actions. She said she was doing her “duty,” because the rainbow flag does not represent all people—just three percent of the population:

Fink said she was suspended by the university when she was identified as a suspect, and is awaiting a non-academic misconduct hearing to see whether she will be expelled.

In court today, she asked a justice of the peace to dismiss the mischief charge against her, saying it was being dealt with by the university. That request can only be heard by a judge, she was told.

Fink’s next court date is May 17.

I guess there will be no hate crime charges because one of their own committed the crime.

Unbelievable world we live in nowadays.


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