JUST IN: Stunning Details Emerge About IMAM That Helped Block Trump’s Immigration Ban- This Explains EVERYTHING


A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide halt to President Trump’s revised immigration ban from six majority-Muslim countries on Wednesday. The six countries in question are Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia.

The Hawaiian judge (a personal friend of Obama) might have issued the order, but the drive to stop President Trump’s travel and refugee temporary immigration hiatus comes from Egyptian imam Ismail Elshikh. Judge Watson, who was a Harvard law classmate of Barack Obama’s, issued an injunction halting Trump’s executive order from going into effect, agreeing with Hawaii’s claim that the temporary ban, 90 days on visa travelers and 120 days for refugees, would irreparably harm the state’s tourism industry and its Muslim families.


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Elshikh, age 39, has ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and leads the largest mosque in Hawaii.  He claims that he is filing suit because the president’s executive order causes him and will continue to cause him irreparable harm if it is allowed to stand. All of this because Elshikh’s mother in law is Syrian.  One of the 6 countries included in the ban is Syria and as a result of the temporary ban, his mother in law would not be able to visit her family for 90 days, if the travel ban were allowed to proceed as normal. They are also claiming in the suit the ban would irreparably harm the state’s tourism industry and its Muslim families.


According to the lawsuit –

Plaintiffs allege that the Executive Order subjects portions of the State’s population, including Dr. Elshikh and his family, to discrimination in violation of both the Constitution and the INA, denying them their right, among other things, to associate with family members overseas on the basis of their religion and national origin. The State purports that the Executive Order has injured its institutions, economy, and sovereign interest in maintaining the separation between church and state.”


Virtually, all of the Muslim population of Hawaii attend Elshikh’s mosque located in Manoa, Honolulu with ties to what many Americans believe to be a radical extremist organization. Elshikh himself was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt – the home base of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He is in America on a green card giving him permanent legal status.  The holder of the deed for the mosque itself is the North American Islamic Trust per court records in Honolulu County.  The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 in Cairo, Egypt, by Hassan al-Banna. It has been banned by Egypt’s current regime, as well as in Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.


Former FBI counter-terrorism specialist, turned private law enforcement consultant, John Guandolo, a former FBI counter-terrorism specialist and now a private consultant to law enforcement at Understanding the Threat, states all mosques under the “Muslim Association of” moniker are typically affiliated with the Brotherhood. The nail in the coffin is the mosque property can be traced to NAIT, “confirming it is a Muslim Brotherhood organization.”

NAIT is one of more than 200 unindicted co-conspirators named in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism-financing trial of 2007-08 in Dallas, Texas. The organization has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, as documented by the FBI in evidence presented at the trial. (See Sec. VII, Page 8 of court document.) NAIT is a financial subsidiary of the Islamic Society of North America and holds the deed to more than 325 mosques in 42 U.S. states that are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, according to Discover the Networks.

Because NAIT controls the purse strings of these many properties, it can exercise ultimate authority over what they teach and what activities they conduct. Specifically, the Trust seeks to ensure that the institutions under its financial influence promote the principles of Sharia law and Wahhabism.”

Interesting to note of the 49 states participating in the federal refugee resettlement program, Mississippi is the ONLY state that has taken in FEWER refugees since 2002. Only 127 refugees have been sent to live in Hawaii since 2002, virtually none of them are from the countries on the ban list. The majority of Muslims in Hawaii currently are from Vietnam or Burma. Since 2002 only one refugee from one of the 6 proposed banned counties has been taken in.

This seems to be another one of those chalk it up to more liberal leftist rhetoric about how they want to tell YOU how you have to live and to do it at YOUR expense while they themselves follow a much different set of rules.

h/t – WND

God Bless.

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