URGENT: This Supreme Court Case Will Change EVERYTHING We Have The Details NO ONE Else Has

For decades now the Republicans and specifically the Pro Life Republicans have used the sell line of vote for us to help protect the unborn and get better judges. Some have gone so far to argue that if we get the chance to appoint a majority of Republican appointed judges to the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, that maybe cases like Roe V. Wade could be over turned.


Lately some states, specifically red majority states have started to push back on the abortion industry by passing state laws limiting the time in which abortions can happen. Some of these states include South Carolina, where they passed a law stating if a heartbeat can be detected, then no abortion can be performed.

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Mississippi passed a law recently stating that any baby past fifteen weeks in the womb can not be aborted legally. The left says this is too early, and there’s no way a mother could know at 15 weeks sometimes.



These recent push backs come after not long ago we saw radical nut job leftists like Blackface Northam, the governor of the common wealth of Virginia, where in they were talking about extending abortion rights to after birth. Yes, the left has openly discussed post birth murder and attempted to make it sound acceptable by calling it “late term abortion.”




The Supreme Court deciding to take this case comes after A panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, known to be pretty conservative leaning, over turned Mississippi’s abortion restriction law citing Roe V Wade, calling it a conflict with the higher ruling established in the horrible hearing in 1973.

This case is a win for Conservatives no matter how the court decides to rule on this case. How is this possible you ask? Well this case will fall one of two ways as I see it.


The first will be the court rules in favor of Mississippi and adds some significant restrictions to the abortion industry. This will certainly be a win for the three justices added by former President Trump.

Secondly, the court will fail to take the conservative approach to the case proving once and for all that just because you vote for Republicans, you will get good judges is nothing more than a Kennard!

Now I know some of you reading this won’t like the second option because it’s hard to swallow the pill of the Republicans not really standing up for us. I implore you though to look back at the four years President Trump held office, and how many Republicans attacked him from the left, and did everything they could to smear and besmirch him.


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