Supreme Court DECLINED The Case… MAGA Conservatives Will NOT Be Happy


Most of us believe that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged.

Many outlets and conservative activists provided proof of election meddling- including us.

For some reason (THE DEEP STATE) no court would hear objections to the results.

We appreciate the efforts by everyone who tried to get the truth out but it just didn’t come to fruition.

The bottom line is that the results of the election stand and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

And we have a DEMENTED corrupt basement dwelling moron in the White House and we believe it is illegitimate but again it’s done.

Unfortunately, we have to move on.

There is no way in hell the election will be overturned at this point.

But there are still some people that are fighting the results but again- IT’S DONE.

Here’s a report you probably haven’t seen or heard of about some Trump supporters who refuse to quit.

Check it out!

OPINION – Mark Megahan at Deep State Rabbit Hole

The verdict is in on the Brunson case and the hard-core MAGA deplorables who don’t realize Q-Anon is the FBI in disguise aren’t going to like the news.

Not one bit.

They took the buzzword salad seriously enough to believe SCOTUS would put Donald Trump back in the White House where he belongs.

Unfortunately nobody was able to successfully prove that the election was rigged.

Brunson case DECLINED by SCOTUS

The Supreme Court properly “declined” to take the Brunson v. Adams case on Friday, January 6. The news wasn’t made official until the following Monday. The case is dead and MAGA conservatives can go back to the drawing board.

Three Utah brothers “claimed nearly 400 members of Congress violated their oaths of office by not investigating claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election and voting to certify Joe Biden’s win.”

The lawsuit, which the Brunson bros cobbled together and filed, somehow managed to be calendared for Supreme Court consideration, through some legal shenanigans. It was page after page full of the sort of buzzwords which make ultra-MAGA types’ blood boil.

Unfortunately, none of those proud patriots have a shred of legal training. Even a casual glance at the paperwork reveals it to be groundless, frivolous, and destined for the trash can at the first opportunity.

SCOTUS made the big mistake of calendaring the matter for an important anniversary date, so the Brunson case backers from coast-to-coast were practically convinced it was a hidden message that Trump would be restored to his rightful place in the universe by an avenging Supreme Court and all would once again be well.

Those who don’t understand how the court works thought Friday was going to be a “hearing on the merits.” Not even close. It was a scheduling formality for everything which comes in the door. The day the court decides “do we take it or trash it.” Guess what.

They TRASHED It- Not Even Close

CNN’s pet Supreme Court analyst, Steve Vladeck, hit the nail on the head with his analysis. “This was a frivolous lawsuit that never came within a light year of actually getting the court’s attention.” He’s a law professor at the University of Texas School of Law.

Even Mike Huckabee was sucked in by the hype. He incorrectly posted on social media that SCOTUS “has agreed to a hearing.” He’s a big reason the Brunson rumor went so viral.

“The only reason why it was on anyone’s radar is because former Governor Huckabee claimed that there was some deep substantive significance in the fact that the justices were considering it at their January 6 conference.”

Brunson supporters weren’t the only one focused on the date. Last week, “Capitol Police ramped up security around the Supreme Court and Capitol buildings ahead of the January 6 anniversary.” They were “monitoring for protests related to the case.”

Raland Brunson was lead plaintiff in the suit. Along with his brothers Loy and Deron, they “asked for those members of Congress, along with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, to be removed from office and barred from ever running again. Similarly, former Vice President Mike Pence would also be banned from holding another elective office.”

The order was published on Monday. SCOTUS says: “Nope.” That doesn’t mean that the Brunsons weren’t totally right, only that they are legal morons.

Again, it’s time to move on.

How ANYONE with a braincell backs what Biden and his COMMIES are doing is beyond me.

Our country is being TRASHED on a daily basis.

Hang in there patriots.

Hopefully we can make the changes required to save our nation from these far left radicals.

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