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The media has been so busy trying to take out President Trump it hasn’t been reporting on major issues.

Yesterday evening, the Supreme Court issued a major ruling in favor of the President, yet it was hardly covered by the press, likely because it goes against their narrative that literally everything Trump does is unconstitutional or illegal. Regardless, he scored another huge victory in his fight to protect our nation, as the Supreme Court vacated a lawsuit against his travel ban.

As many are aware, leftist organizations along with states attorneys general took the Trump administration to court over his so-called “travel ban,” which restricted travel from certain terror-prone nations. Those challenging the executive order claimed it was religious discrimination, and sadly, the activist judges in the lower courts agreed with them, causing it to be heard at the highest level.

However, rather than fight the order in court, President Trump revised it, an issued an entirely new executive order, this time adding North Korea and Venezuela to the banned countries. As a result, the previous lawsuit was rendered pointless, causing the Supreme Court to toss it out and chalking up another victory for the President. The new order also made it next to impossible for a new religious discrimination lawsuit to prevail in any court with a modicum of common sense.

From USA Today:

The decision effectively wipes the record clean in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, one of two federal appeals courts that had struck down major portions of Trump’s travel ban. That case began in Maryland.

A separate case from the 9th Circuit, based in California, remains pending because it includes a ban on refugees worldwide that won’t expire until later this month. But the Supreme Court is likely to ditch that case, which began in Hawaii, as well.

The challengers in both cases already have renewed their lawsuits in the lower courts, starting the legal process anew. In Maryland, a federal district court has scheduled a new hearing for next week.

But the new travel ban and the Supreme Court’s order vacating the 4th Circuit appeals court judgment puts the administration in a somewhat stronger position, at least for now.

Apparently, the “wise Latina” Justice Sotomayor, who was appointed by Barack Obama, dissented from the rest of the Court, and rather than vacating the case, which rendered the lower court rulings meaningless, she wanted to dismiss the case in a way that would have preserved them. Thankfully, sanity prevailed and the outrageous rulings from other Obama-appointed judges weren’t allowed to stand.

So once again, President Trump wins and the anti-American left loses.

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