BREAKING: Look Which BIG PHARMA CEO Says A 4th COVID Shot Will Be Needed And Here’s Why




It should come as no surprise that BIG PHARMA and corrupt politicians are making a killing pushing THEIR EXPERIMENTAL ‘VACCINES’ while there are a variety of drugs that are affordable and extremely effective.

This information has been censored by the government and the Big Tech companies like Facistbook, Twatter and the other Communist run media outlets.

We already have drugs that cure COVID but they have been blackballed so that BIG PHARMA can make BILLIONS of dollars in which a ton of money gets funneled down to our crooked politicians.

These experimental ‘vaccines’ are proving to have serious side effects and are causing deaths in many cases but that news is being suppressed by BIG BROTHER.

There is plenty of documentation to back this information up but you won’t see it reported by the government run media.

I know- I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist but as each day passes we are learning more about the drugs developed by BIG PHARMA and frankly I don’t like what I am discovering.

I have written about quite a few incidences where the jab has proven to be far from being the magical cure as well as the serious side effects that have occurred in perfectly healthy adults as well as children.

But in this article we will cover the fact that BIG PHARMA and the Biden Regime will continue to push these vaccines until the end of time.

This comes from Mac Slavo at

This is incredibly unsurprising for those paying even a minimal amount of attention to the situation we are all living through right now. The CEO of Moderna, who makes one of the mRNA shots the ruling class continues to push on everyone else says a fourth shot or second booster will be needed.

Stephane Bancel on Thursday said people may need a fourth shot of the coronavirus vaccine in Fall 2022. According to CNBC and other news outlets that reported on the statement, Bancel said that the “vaccines” efficacy wanes over time.  Line up for endless injections, slaves!

While referring to the strength of the booster shot, Bancel said: “I will be surprised when we get that data in the coming weeks that it’s holding nicely over time,” adding that “I would expect that it’s not going to hold great,” according to The Hill. Bancel also said to be prepared for indefinite booster shots. Is anyone surprised? If you are, you shouldn’t be.

“I still believe we’re going to need boosters in the fall of ’22 and forward,” Bancel said according to Reuters.

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Bancel added that COVID is “not going away. We’re going to have to live with it,” he said. That means everyone needs to be injected with as many shots as their owners decide.

His comments echo Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, who said in December that a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine may eventually be needed amid concerns about the omicron variant. These fascists also have clearly stated that if you don’t want to inject their product into your body, you’re a criminal.

All rulers are really pushing these shots, and they will continue to do so until the population says “enough.” The Israeli government/masters/ ruling class is already offering a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose to health care workers and individuals 60 years old and older in an effort to bolster protection amid the omicron wave of the pandemic.

Preliminary results published showed that a second booster dose saw a “five-fold increase in the number of antibodies in the vaccinated person,” according to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

*If you have concerns about COVID consult medical professionals.

*This article is not intended to be used as medical advice and contains opinions as well as views that the government doesn’t want the public to see.

Stay safe PATRIOTS!

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