Swalwell, Dude Who Had Affair With Chinese Spy, Says THIS About Republicans- He’s Lost His Mind

This new and horrifically outlandish attack on American citizens is not only gaining speed but also no accountability.  You can forget about protection from the Bill of Rights as well as Constitutional laws that are supposed to protect American citizens.

This witch hunt is not going to simply go away, it is not going to fizzle out nor will it be ended by any republican politicians that see it for what it is, a witch hunt on American citizens.


Breitbart reports that Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Republican lawmaker’s who voted to acquit during former President Donald Trump‘s impeachment, and those questioning the integrity of the 2020 presidential results at CPAC were encouraging “the most extreme among us to take up arms against their government.”

On claims there was widespread voter fraud causing Trump to lose the 2020 election, Swalwell said, “The lie threatens our safety every day, not just my safety, and my ability to work, not just the staff and police officers, but the safety of everyday Americans is threatened when white nationalists are stoked by lawmakers who day after day continue to perpetuate this lie. What is so telling to me is that at that CPAC conference, where many of those senators attended, the number one issue for the goers was election integrity. If you have senators co-signing off on this big lie and still stoking it, you are going to encourage the most extreme among us to take up arms against their government because these senators are saying Joe Biden is not the lawful president. That’s dangerous for all of us.”

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Facts are what they are and now, the democrats regime is going after republican and conservative politicians that oppose their agenda.  It is the next logical step in their plan to forever change a nation that used to be built on the foundations of freedoms and protected rights.


I highly doubt the democrats as well as the Biden regime actually fear a nation taking up arms to overthrow corruption and criminal politicians.  What they truly fear is a nation unplugging from the feeding tubes of indoctrination and start having citizens having open dialogues with each other  and creating our own peace and unity with one another.


Breitbart continues, He continued, “If we give them a permissive environment to grow, it’s only going to be worse. As I said, it’s personal safety, and it’s your vote being certified in the 2022 or the presidential election going forward. The For the People Act fixes that, and then on the practical, functional side of law enforcement, it’s giving law enforcement the resources to attack white nationalism to understand how people are radicalized, recruited and projected on to targets.”

On his efforts to politically target the 14 Republican Senators up for election in 2022 who voted to acquit Trump, Swalwell, “We have 14 names. There will be candidates I’ll be working to support to make sure those senators don’t return to the Capitol.”

Swalwell admits they have created lists of politicians and citizens they feel “oppose them”!  This is such a violation of protected human rights as well as an horrifically dangerous precedent that factually proves their agenda is to “remove by any and all means” anyone who they feel will stand up against them and not take a knee.

People need to understand the importance of what is currently taking place and the creation of a private militarized force to used specifically by Pelosi and the Biden regime in D.C..

It would seem that it is not due to “credible” threats against D.C. and the Capitol building, but rather more about the start of a new regime that will enable them to start creating these new forces across our nation.

It is not political extremism to embrace freedoms and rights, it is not white supremacy simply because of the color of your skin.  It is these issues we all need to have open dialogues with one another as citizens and help one another understand that until we become a people united, we will continue to suffer at the hands of the corrupt and greedy politicians who use the public as puppets for their own agenda.

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God Bless.

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