Syrian Regime Using Crematorium To ‘Cover Up’ MASS MURDERS


The U.S. State Department announced that the Syrian regime is using a site outside Damascus to cremate the bodies of thousands of prisoners it has abducted, jailed and murdered during the country’s long-running civil war.


Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones showed surveillance photos that — combined with intelligence assessments and other reports — officials believe show Bashar Assad’s government is complicit in covering up evidence of mass killings at the Sednaya Prison, Fox News reported. Located near Damascus, the prison previously has been called a “human slaughterhouse” by Amnesty International.

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“Although the regime’s many atrocities are well-documented, we believe that the building of a crematorium is an effort to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place in Sednaya prison,” Jones said Monday.


Jones also charged that the “atrocities” were carried out “with unconditional support” from Russia and Iran.

The department released commercial satellite photographs showing what it said is a building in the prison complex that has been modified to support the crematorium. The photographs taken over the course of several years, beginning in 2013, do not definitely prove the building is a crematorium, but they show construction consistent with such use.

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Now, the Syrian government has “categorically” denied the accusations that the mass killings are happening at a prison north of Damascus, with the victims burned there in a crematorium.

The allegations are “a new Hollywood plot” to justify U.S. intervention in Syria, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. It called the State Department’s allegations “lies” and “fabrications,” noting what it called a U.S. history of making up false claims as a pretext for military aggression.

“The U.S. administration’s accusations against the Syrian government of a so-called crematorium in Saydnaya prison, in addition to the broken record about the use of barrel bombs and chemical weapons, are categorically false,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

The State Department said Monday it believes that about 50 detainees are hanged each day at the Saydnaya military prison, a 45-minute drive north of Damascus.

Many of the bodies are burned in a crematorium “to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place,” Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones said. He accused President Bashar Assad’s government of sinking “to a new level of depravity.”

Amnesty International claims that 13,000 people were killed in four years at the prison.

U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Tuesday that the world body cannot independently verify the U.S. report, saying Damascus has “systematically rejected” repeated requests to visit prisons and detention centers where thousands of prisoners are believed to be subjected to cruel treatment, Chicago Tribune reports.

But Dujarric said “various U.N. entities have regularly documented and reported on human rights violations in Syria, including torture in the context of detention.”

A former Syrian army colonel who joined the opposition said what the State Department revealed about Saydnaya “is not surprising.”

Defector Ahmad al-Hammadi added that had the international community punished Syrian authorities for such killings they carried out from the start of the uprising in 2011, “we wouldn’t have reached this point.”

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Al-Hammadi, a spokesman for the Northern Division rebel group, added that Saydnaya is a “seven-star facility, so you can imagine what happens at the dungeons of security agencies.”

“Satan can take lessons in crime from the regime,” he said by telephone from Turkey. “Regarding cremations, these are usually secret matters but not surprising. They are killing thousands. So how are they going to get rid of their bodies?”

Others are buried in mass graves that mark the dead with numbers instead of names, he said.

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