Take A Look At Your Mail Today And IF You Got A Check From Walmart, It Means…



A new scam involving America’s largest retailer, Walmart is being reported and it put’s every American at risk!

Thousands of Americans are receiving this letter along with a hefty check. Make sure that under no circumstances do you cash this check!
The Massac County Sheriff office in Illinois reports that a new scam to hit is the ‘Walmart scam.’ A person receives a letter, like the one below, in the mail along with a check, like the one pictured above.

The letter informs the person that they have been accepted into the Quality Control program from Walmart. The letter informs the person of their responsibilities.

A check activation is required using a supplied user ID and password. Once the check is activated, the person is to deposit the check into their bank account to begin shopping and participating in the program. THIS IS A SCAM.

Once you deposit the check into your account, the scammers drain your account. DO NOT DEPOSIT THIS CHECK. If you receive this letter in the mail, throw it away.


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(H/T The Political Insider)

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