TAKE THE POLL! Do You AGREE Or DISAGREE With The SCOTUS Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage?



The Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples have a right to marry nationwide, a decision that prohibits gay marriage bans in states that don’t want same sex marriage.

Gay couples already can marry in 36 states and the District of Columbia. But in a 5-4 ruling, the court held that the 14th Amendment requires states to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples and to recognize such marriages performed in other states.


The ruling means the remaining 14 states that did not allow such unions, in the South and Midwest, are now being forced by the SCOTUS to allow these marriages.

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  1. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    It isn’t a matter to either like, or dislike. The law now recognizes it as legal, and constitutional. So here’s a better question. Do you support the ENTIRE US Constitution, or just the parts you like?

    • Annette Rf says:

      The Constitution had nothing to do with this.

      • Paulita Gilberto says:

        No, it didn’t. It had to do with a leader who thinks himself higher than deity who is rumored to have blackmailed at least one Supreme Court judge.

    • Alan Du Brul says:

      Mathew, there is NO place in the Constitution that addresses marriage. There is however, a place in the Constitution that says the government (including the SCOTUS) can NOT make ANY rulings concerning religion or its exercise. (Marriage is a RELIGIOUS ceremony). Its called the FIRST Amendment. You should try reading it sometime. Also you need to understand that the SCOTUS exceeded its authority by legislating from the bench. ONLY the Congress can make laws. The SCOTUS can ONLY rule on its Constitutionality.

      Perhaps you should read Justice Kennedy’s dissenting opinion. The Court also violated the Tenth Amendment, you should read that too.

    • Paulita Gilberto says:

      I like the parts that are interpreted correctly. Not having abortions under “privacy rights” when it has nothing to do with “privacy,” for instance. So we end up with more citizens murdered than all of our wars put together. That is the real war on women.

    • Jacqualea Cooley says:

      That is not the question because this is not part of the Constitution. To be part of it would require an amendment which requires a vote by the people.

  2. America is OVER

  3. David Krutsinger says:

    what about the 10th amendment?

  4. Zachary Carl says:

    I believe all States have the right to Secede, and reform a united union of selective States

    • Dee Dunbar says:

      I dont see any other choice! I will not be forced to live under the perversions and immorality! WE deserve to LIVE the way God intended US too!

    • I have been fighting for Texas to lead the way for Years now . 🙂 We are the logical choice , our Economy is larger than most European Countries . We have our own own power grid . Plus we already tick off the Liberal States ! Most of the Elitist see no problem with us leaving .

  5. Old Chicago says:

    they, like me, had/have no issue with same sex union or equal rights
    under the rule of law that would be fine. But when you CHAPION the
    change of the deffinition of marraige to appese a small % of “SPECIAL
    INTEREST” you become part of the problem of bracking down the foundation

  6. Rosemary E. Lloyd says:

    This wonderful country is turning into a giant sewer, run by perverts, progressives and radicals. GOD HELP US. Making something legal does NOT make it RIGHT!

  7. Paulita Gilberto says:

    Why don’t we just evict Washington, DC? That would solve many problems. Put a wall around it and don’t let any politician that perverted the laws, allowed it or supported it to go home.

  8. Larry Parsons says:

    what a disgrace I no longer hold any respect for the US government what so ever

  9. slim pickens says:

    I’m offended by by the rainbow flag, take it down

  10. Dee Dunbar says:

    It can Never be called a marraige! They cannot change Gods Word.

  11. SCOTUS does NOT have the power to make LAW! It is unconstitutional and there for will not stand. The ONLY people that can make law is CONGRESS!

  12. Randy Slonaker says:

    They can do and live any way they want, give them the government benefits and call it a civil union which it is at best. One thing they can’t take from us is Matromony!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hell awaits the Gays

  14. Sharon Akins says:

    I disagree with this… BECAUSE OF THE WAY IT WAS HANDLED. They had 14 states to win over to their cause, and instead of taking the time to do that, went to the SCOTUS like cry babies demanding retribution, not caring that they took the right of the states to decide which is under the constitution. I have no doubt that eventually, they wouldn’t have been so grudging and would have listened to their plight and eventually, come to their own decision that it was wrong to treat someone thus, but instead, they go to the SCOTUS and demand action and SCOTUS then passes and unconstitutional order by removing the states rights to oppose it.

    I know that if I had a child, I would accept them if they were gay, I would prepare them for they hate they may receive, and I would hope and root in their corner for them to find happiness, but not at the expense of others rights.

  15. Proud_to_be_American says:

    This is the ONLY way to illuminate the White House!

  16. madgrandma says:

    The gov’t has gone rogue…

  17. Leslie M Garamella says:

    Total overreach by SCOTUS. Should have been left up to individual states.

  18. Paul Adcock says:

    I can see only one way out, go back to God and also have a Convention of States to take away the power of the feds: http://www.conventionofstates.com

  19. Ralph K Sides says:

    I totally disagree with the fed imposing it’s will on “WE” the people. Period!

  20. Jacqualea Cooley says:

    I dislike this ruling for several reasons. One, It takes away my first amendment rights. Two, the court is making law and altering the Constitution, one power which is given to Congress and one which calls for a vote. Three, they are usurping states rights since marriage is not (was not) a Constitutional issue. Each state was arriving at the answer that best fit their population. Lastly, not least however, the ruling goes against my long held religious beliefs. None of what I have said is hate to any person. That is important to note.

  21. I am gay, I am a Republican Conservative as well, yes we do exist. I 100% disagree with the SCOTUS ruling. Why? Because I will forever be an American first and foremost above all else! I will put my love of Country and Constitution before any thing that contradicts the Ideals and Principles that our Founding Fathers Founded this great Nation on. It is not the job of SCOTUS or POTUS to unilaterally declare anything to be Law without the express Will of the People via a Vote. When we allow OUR elected officials to pass a Law by decree, we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. When the People’s Vote can be so casually dismissed in order to appease the few then Voting no longer becomes sacred and sincere. Why is it, when Obama “won” election, it was ok for liberals to say to us, “the majority rules”. Yet when The Majority voted against gay marriage, liberals decried that it was unjust and didn’t count…? They do not get to pick and choose what will be a ligitamite voting outcome and what will be allowed to be overturned just because they say based on they don’t agree with the results. The People’s Will must always be protected no matter what, even if it’s an outcome that The Few are not satisfied with. That is how the Voting process works. The “right” to gay marriage should be a States issue, where The People have the final say by Voting and if the Majority vote against it then So Be It, The People have spoken. No group of any kind should have that much power to be able to dimiss and disregard The People’s Vote just because they say they don’t agree with it. I personally don’t care about “gay marriage” or “gay pride” or “gay rights”, yes, even being gay. Because the only Pride and Rights I want and need is those of my beloved Country! For without my Rights as an American, any and all others are a moot point.

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