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The Long Island FBI task force targeting the notorious MS-13 street gang have discovered a third body Saturday as part of a search for victims of gang-related violence that began two weeks ago.

The remains were found in a heavily-wooded area near Nassau County’s Meadowbrook Parkway in Merrick, according to reports.

At a Saturday morning news conference, authorities announced that they had found remains, which were yet to be identified. According to published reports, authorities said they believed the case is gang-related.

The Long Island Herald  has reported extensively on this section of woods in the past as a place where teenagers congregate at night to party, and where a number of homeless live.

On Wednesday, FBI and Nassau County police had discovered a body, possibly a victim of the notorious El Salvadoran gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, hidden in the woods at Cow Meadow Park and Preserve, a county park at the end of South Main Street in Freeport. Police have not yet identified the victim in that case.

“There’s no information to suggest this was a random act,” FBI agent Michael Osborn said, according to Newsday. “We believe it was gang-related.”

The remains were found three miles away from where the FBI found the body of a possible MS-13 victim in a 432-acre park in Freeport on Wednesday, the Long Island Herald news weekly reported Saturday.

In March, Nassau police found the body of Cesar Gonzales-Espantzay, 19, in the park, according to reports. Police say he had been stabbed and shot by MS-13 gang members seeking to improve their status in the gang.

On Oct. 19, the FBI task went to a wooded area in Roosevelt and found the body of 16-year-old Eric Soler, whom authorities believe was killed by MS-13 members, Newsday reported, citing sources.

A tip from the federal Department of Homeland Security led the FBI to that spot, according to reports.

Soler, a student at Freeport High School, had been missing for three months.

According to sources, the disappearance of Soler and Pineda are not related, but both appear to be connected to MS-13.

NBC New York reported Thursday that six young people with known connections to MS-13 and other gangs are missing in Nassau County.

FBI Finds Human Remains In Long Island Park

YouTube Video courtesy of CBS New York

Human remains in Long Island’s Cow Meadow Park are believed to be connected to a murder linked to the MS-13 gane violence. CBS2’s Magdalena Doris reports.

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