BOOM! Teachers In This State To Carry Guns ON Campus- Liberals PISSED


WELD COUNTY, COLO. – School’s out for summer and some teachers in Colorado are spending their vacation time doing something that has liberals running to their safe spaces- they are heading to the gun range and training how to use firearms! 



These awesome educators have decided that the best way to protect their students in case of an attack by a leftwing wacko or an Islamic attack is by being prepared to take immediate action by shooting the scumbag!

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“In a nutshell, it is training for teachers and other school staff who are armed first responders in their schools,” Laura Carno told KUSA/9 NEWS.

Carno is the founder of Coloradans for Civil Liberties which paid for about 17 staff members from Colorado schools to receive FASTER Training. The acronym stands for “Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response.” The program started in Ohio and Carno brought it to Colorado, offering scholarships to school staff members, mostly from rural districts.


“By and large rural school districts, who have made the decision that law enforcement is 30-45 minutes away,” Carno explained. “They are their own first responders.”

“If you picture a bad guy with ill intent and wanting to harm a particular school, if he knows that school staff is armed, or that a particular staff member is armed, that gives him a strategic advantage,” Carno explained. “We never want the bad guy to have a strategic advantage.”

Under Colorado law, school staff members can carry concealed weapons in school so long as they have a permit and are designated as a security officer. Carno said most of those involved in the training are already carrying concealed weapons in schools.

Of course liberals are freaking out saying that the FASTER Training is preying on people’s fears and is really intended to pressure schools to arm teachers.

Group Safe Campus Colorado tells the local News the training and resulting presence of guns are actually “detrimental to the safety of both students and teachers.”

They also claim that it’s a political move against the Democrats who believe that guns are evil and should be banned.

The training also includes sessions on crisis management and medical instruction on how to use a tourniquet.

Sounds great to me.

Why do liberals fight against anything and everything that for the rest of us is completely logical?


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