BREAKING: Ted Cruz Just Sent BRUTAL Message To Radical Islamic Terrorists- Obama FUMING

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Obama may be gone, but many of his disastrous policies have been left behind and now it’s up to us, the American people, to play clean up.

The American people are being led by some Texas lawmakers, namely Sen. Ted Cruz (TX-R) and Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), in taking a stand for states’ rights regarding the resettlement of foreign refugees. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) has joined them in their fight.

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Cruz states –

The first obligation of the president is to keep this country safe as commander in chief. I am encouraged that, unlike the previous administration, one of President Trump’s top priorities is to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.”

Cruz and Poe are reintroducing a bill this week called the State Refugee Security Act. It was initially brought forth last year under the previous Congress. This measure will allow state governors to bar refugees from their respective states.

The Act requires the federal government to notify a state a minimum of 21 days prior to resettling any refugees within their borders. Under this law, governors would possess the ability to fully block refugees from being resettled in their states unless and until the federal government can provide what the law deems as “adequate assurance” that the individuals in question do not pose a security threat.

Cruz has been a long-standing and vocal critic of U.S. efforts to resettle Muslims fleeing both Syria and Iraq.  He has argued that terrorists could easily use the resettlement programs to infiltrate the United States as a Trojan Horse of sorts.

Cruz has made the suggestion of resettling only Christian refugees from the region since they are currently the MOST victimized in the region.  There is also a belief that members of the Islamic State would not try to hide among the Christians since the radical terrorist group holds them in such contempt.

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At the cost of many American lives, Obama and his regime defied this suggestion with claims that it would defy American values to discriminate against certain groups on the basis of religion. However, under the new Trump administration, efforts to end refugee resettlement into the United States, as well as a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.

Poe states –

Until the federal government can conduct thorough security screenings and confirm that there are no security risks, Congress should empower states to be able to protect their citizens by refusing to participate in this program.

h/t – Conservative Tribune

God Bless.

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