Ted Cruz Was Asked “As President, What Would YOU Do To Protect America Against ISLAMIC Terrorists?” His Response Was EPIC! (VIDEO)



Senator Ted Cruz, a GOP 2016 Presidential candidate, has a solution to stop radical Islamic Muslims that are in America.

In answering a question about radical Islamic terrorism, Cruz described how the current administration has dealt with ISIS and what he would do differently as president. He received a lot of applause throughout his response, but he brought the crowd to their feet at the end when he said this: “Right now, we have a photo-op Foreign Policy. Drop a bomb here, a missile there. You know, the radicals say they reject modernity – great. We need to send them back to the Stone Age. How do you do that? You have a commander in chief that lays out a clear objective: we are not going to weaken, we are not going to degrade, we are not going to pinprick ISIS – we are going to destroy them. We are going to make it where if you join ISIS, you are signing your death certificate.”

Watch the full interview in the video below:

Ted Cruz discusses radical terrorism and ISIS at WRKO Town Hall

YouTube video via wrkovideo

The Islamic extremists must be defeated and destroyed, forever. Is it possible for all of Americans to take a moment and think about some or all of the terrorizing, kidnapping, attacking, and killing by all ‘Islamic Muslims’ in America and around the world? They are attacking and killing all who reject ‘Islam’. The Mosques are breeding grounds for these evil murders, they are sending out violent jihadists and here in America they are exempt from paying taxes. Crack open the Islamic texts and see that Islam is a war machine that strategically places the religion around its true evil.

Islam needs to be defeated from the inside out. The truth is this: ISIS and people who obey the Quran obey the being who brought mortality. Obama is a radical and he calls the Quran holy. He is liar and covering for all the Islamic murderers. Obama is trying to destroy America and hides it by trying to be on the side of “everyone”.

In closing, we need to get someone in office who is not afraid to put foot to ass and eradicate this threat to the world. A strong leader who will stand up for America and not some pansy who flees to the closest golf course to hide from our problems. The current joke we have has made a mockery of us and it’s time we take back our integrity and our country!



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