Ted Nugent SLAMS ‘High School Brat,’ Says Everything Racebaiters DON’T Want To Hear


By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about the officer who was fired from his job after forcibly removing a defiant black female student from a classroom at a South Carolina high school. The legendary conservative rock and roller Ted Nugent weighed in on the controversial incident and as usual, he doesn’t hold back.

The Nuge is NOT happy about Deputy Ben Fields being terminated before all the facts had come out. You see, as Uncle Ted says, the girl “HAD IT COMING!”


In a WND opinion-editorial titled, “That High School Brat Had It Coming,” Nugent defends Deputy Fields’ actions and he blames “political correctness” as the cause of his termination.

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I would like to obliterate the obscenity of political correctness yet once again by offering a huge Nuge thank you and SALUTE to Columbia, South Carolina, Senior Deputy Ben Fields. You know, that master of “improvise, adapt and overcome” good citizen cop all good Americans have come to admire and respect, who yanked the Spring Valley High School defiant brat out of her classroom desk and dragged her kicking and squealing like the disobedient punk she is.


As the liberal denial freaks recoil in feigned horror at such “unnecessary” violent disruption by the good officer Fields, I am proud to stand with the many millions of Americans who know damn well she had it coming, and clearly long overdue at that.



By all accounts, the brat, like so many undisciplined brats before her, simply refused to obey the rules, refused to obey the teacher, refused to obey the principal and refused to obey officer Fields.

By all these consistent indicators, how much do you want to bet she disobeyed her parents and every other authority figure her entire life, and got away with it?

Finally, somebody did the right thing and gave the poor child a dose of reality that will probably save her life, unless she is let off again. Political correctness still reigns supreme, and a guy that did the right thing has been fired. I still stand with Fields.

Nugent then explained that his own children have “been properly disciplined” and as a result they “obey the rules, obey the law and respect all figures of authority.”

He added that none of them would ever behave in a way that would cause them to possibly be in such a situation.

None of my family members would attack a neighborhood watch volunteer and end up getting shot and killed.

None of my children would steal anything from a store and then assault the shopkeeper.

None of my children would defy orders from a cop, assault him and attempt to steal his gun, then attack him and get shot in self-defense.

None of the Nugent family would sell illegal cigarettes then violently resist arrest.

None of my children would disobey a directive from a teacher or any school authority figure.

Nugent offered some common sense advice, something the left is incapable of understanding.

Obey and everything will go smoothly.

Obey and you won’t get beat.

Obey and you won’t get maced.

Obey and they won’t stun gun you.

Obey and you won’t get shot.

Obey and you won’t get ripped from your desk and put under control.

Act like an animal and you will end up being treated like an animal.

As always, Ted Nugent is spot on! If you take a look at today’s role models and politicians on the left, it’s not surprising that these kids have no respect for ANYTHING! Look at Obama and Clinton- they are totally disrespectful and have built their careers on lies, deception AND BREAKING THE LAW!

(H/T Sean Brown Mad World News)

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