Teen Who Said She Was GROPED At Trump Rally Makes SHOCKING Admission RIGHT After

Earlier this week, a teen, only identified as Alex, was at a Trump rally starting trouble when she claims a man grabbed her breast, which caused her to unload on him in front of a crowd of people. Another man saw what was happening, then pulled out pepper spray and nailed her right in the face with it, and the liberal media went into a frenzy after seeing video.

Well, a new angle has since come out, and the little snot makes an absolutely stunning admission right after being sprayed.

As America’s Freedom Fighters reported earlier, the incident sparked outrage across the liberal media, who lambasted Donald Trump for creating a “culture of violence” at his rallies, even though we all know that it’s actually the anti-Trump crowd causing the problems.


Apparently, even the anti-Trump people realize they’re a part of the problem and not the solution, and new video from the incident earlier this week is evidence of it.

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Check it out:


You’ll see in this angle, Alex is off in the distance and throws a punch at the older man. Immediately, another man reaches around and hits her square in the face with pepper spray, and as she’s walking away, she makes a stunning admission – “I deserved that.”


Yeah, even she knew that she did something wrong, yet she continued to act as if she was innocent. Worse yet, the media ran with the story and hasn’t done anything to correct themselves, which means the damage to Trump’s campaign is done.

In a surprise twist of events, after police saw the video of the alleged sexual assault, they actually filed charges against Alex after they said she hit the man without provocation. But once again, the same media who was so quick to jump down Trump’s throat failed to report this minor detail.

The bottom line is that Trump has been the target of unfair media practices from the start, and it’s only going to get worse. Because of this, I would caution anyone to be weary of any anti-Trump reports they see without first learning all the facts.

After all, as we see above, the media is more than willing to take something and completely flip it around to make him look bad.

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