Tennessee Parents OUTRAGED After Learning Kids Are Being Indoctrinated With THIS Thanks To OBAMA


Radical Islam is all over the media, from the talking heads to social media to mainstream media.  You cannot avoid hearing about the massive influx of Muslims that have been brought to the United States with refugee status, living on the taxpayer dole, and it seems almost daily somewhere in America there is an attack or threat of an attack against American citizens.

Men, women, and children – it seems no one is exempt.  What is even more insidious and perhaps not as widely known is the Islamic indoctrination going on in the public school system, especially under the Common Core curriculum.


At Hendersonville High School in Sumner County, students were taken on a field trip to a local mosque to the Islamic Center of Nashville, where they were given copies of the Qu’ran. The kids were served cookies and punch at the mosque, where they were read readings of the Quran aloud while there.  Parents were told when they voiced complaints that they were “hostile to Islam” or “Islamaphobic”. Several students declined to go on the field trip and were given a “0” for the assignment as a result. No opportunity was given for the students to attend a Christian church where a copy of the Bible could be handed out or to a Jewish synagogue where the Torah could be given.

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In Williamson County Schools all pork products were banned last year. An approved snack list was sent home and only items from this list were deemed acceptable.  This lasted approximately one day due to angry parental complaints and backlash.  The response from Williamson County Schools for the 2015-2016 school year was to then ban ALL outside food items. This meant no cupcakes or cookies or any other treats are allowed for children’s birthdays, special events, or anything.  Lunches and snacks brought from home are not allowed to be shared with other students and it’s a policy that is strictly enforced.

 Copy of Snack list from Sunset Elementary located in Williamson County

Copy of Snack list from Sunset Elementary located in Williamson County

In Robertson County schools, the Five Pillars of Islam are being taught as part of history. Now as most people know it is very difficult to learn the history of the world without at least a cursory study of the major religions of the world as they play an integral part in the shaping of the world, its governments, and people.  However, the objections seem to stem from Islam being taught at the expense of other religions

In Maury County students were assigned a Five Pillars of Islam project that included the translation of the pillar of “Shahada” as being, “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is his prophet.”

Child's homework assignment at Spring Hill Middle School - 7th grade.

Child’s homework assignment at Spring Hill Middle School – 7th grade.

This is happening all over the state and many more examples could be cited.  Parents are up in arms, complaining to the school board, to teachers and administration, on social media, local news, and any other outlet that will listen but it all seems to be falling on deaf ears as these things continue to occur in many places across the state and Tennessee is not alone in this struggle.  The biggest issue is that Islam is being taught at the expense of ALL other religions. If you complain, you are labeled intolerant.  If you attempt to practice your own religious beliefs, separation of church and state is cited.  Yet Muslim students are allowed free reign.  It’s an ALL OR NOTHING proposition.  Religions are either studied and therefore “allowed” or they are not.  You don’t get to pick and choose based on personal preference.

Students are being pulled out of schools in record numbers.  The enrollment in homeschooling co-ops and groups and in private schools has never been higher than it is right now.  Yet the Federal government under the leadership of Obama continues to threaten even that safe haven for parents to keep their children free from the state’s indoctrination.  The adage has never been truer, if you send your children to Caesar to be educated, don’t be surprised if the return as Romans.


God Bless. 

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