Tennessee Students Were Asked To Remove Christmas Decorations, Here’s Their EPIC Response



The University of Tennessee’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (taxpayer-funded btw) is coming under fire again, this time for a list of best practices for inclusive workplace holiday celebrations that encourages people to make sure they aren’t “Christmas parties in disguise…”

Yes folks, these libs say that college is a place to learn extreme political correctness and be systematically stripped of your values and culture.

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The attack on Christmas is alive and well in Tennessee!


Check this garbage out!

“Holiday parties and celebrations should celebrate and build upon workplace relationships and team morale with no emphasis on religion or culture. Ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise.”

“Celebrate your religious and cultural holidays in ways that are respectful and inclusive of our students, your colleagues and our university,” the UTODI stated.


Shari Savage at Conservative Tribune reports that the guidelines include non-denominational holiday cards, strictly secular games (no dreidel) and non-religious refreshment (which precludes what, exactly?).

But the boys at Beta Upsilon Chi weren’t having it, according to WKRN News. The 6-foot-tall banner depicting a Christmas tree topped by a star and draped over the side of their fraternity house read, “Come and Take It.” As in, “I dare you.”


The students were defending the banner to prove they mean business in protecting Christmas. Honestly, of all the things I might mess with, a group of military-age guys from Tennessee isn’t among them.

Todd Starnes at FOX has more:

Holiday cards should be non-denominational. And decorations should not be specific to any religion or culture.

“Refreshment selection should be general, not specific to any religion or culture,”  they added.

I reckon that means kids won’t be able to serve jugs of sweet tea – considered the House Wine of Southern Baptists.

And my personal favorite:

Holiday parties should not play games with religious or cultural themes.

They singled out “Dreidel” and “Secret Santa” as no-nos.

The recommendations have drawn the ire of alumni – including Rep. John Duncan, (R-Tenn.)

“The people I represent are disgusted by this,” he told me. “People from all over the country are sick and tired of all this political correctness.”

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey echoed the congressman’s concerns about political correctness.

“While the advisory makes clear it is not university policy, these ‘suggestions’ call into question what purpose university offices of diversity serve,” he said.

He said students don’t attend college “to have their values and traditions sidelined and undermined.”

The University itself has denied the actions of the UTODI, and the guidelines have been removed from the website.

What a mess.

God Bless.



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