It’s Christmas Day, and while most of us are celebrating the holiday with friends and family, Julian Assange isn’t celebrating at all.

In fact, Assange, who’s the worst nightmare for globalists and tyrants they could ever imagine, isn’t faring too well. Overnight, his entire social media presence was wiped from the Internet, without explanation.

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Internet users awoke to discover they couldn’t find a single one of his profiles on any of the major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Naturally, the sudden deletion of every one of Assange’s platforms sent speculators running wild.


“Gizmodo is celebrating the disappearance of Julian Assange’s Twitter account. Nothing makes these people happier than the silencing of voices with whom they disagree. It takes a particularly virulent breed of twat to revel in that.”

“Now why would @Twitter ban Julian Assange when he was prepping to drop something big? Who is @Twitter trying to protect by this drop of information?”

“BREAKING: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Twitter Page Has Been Removed… Something Fishy Is Going Down”

“Remember that time Hillary Clinton wanted to Drone Julian Assange?!? Now twitter has silenced & removed his account. The Left has an agenda and it doesn’t involve free speech or the truth being exposed.”

“CENSORSHIP? Julian Assange Vanishes Off Twitter A source who works closely with WikiLeaks told the Gateway Pundit that they were not aware of any plans for Assange to deactivate his account on his own.”

Adding to the odd nature of the accounts of one of the biggest names in alternative media disappearing was the fact that the U.S. Navy posted, and then deleted, a tweet speaking about Assange’s accounts vanishing.

“.@USNavy deleted tweet caused by alleged ‘inadvertent keystroke,’ about ‘trending,’ Julian Assange after the WikiLeaks founder’s account disappeared.”

As you can see, this was a pretty big deal. What’s even more strange about the entire ordeal, is that as soon as the Internet went wild over Assange’s accounts being removed, they suddenly reappeared without explanation.

According to Law & Crime:

An odd sequence of events happened this morning, and it all surrounds the twitter account of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. First, overnight, his official Twitter account disappeared on all social media platforms. It was reactivated this morning. It is unclear if this is something that Twitter did, or if Assange deleted his account himself. Assange’s twitter account reappeared and then tweeted this:

Weird, right?

For now, it appears as if Assange is safe; however, he’s the most wanted man in the world right now because he has to power to topple entire governments. So while he may have had his accounts restored this time, it’s only a matter of time before the globalists in social media ensure his voice is silenced forever, one way or another.

Keep Mr. Assange in your thoughts and prayers. He’s truly a force for good in our totally messed up world.

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