BREAKING: They Just Sent This TERRIFYING Nuclear Warning…


This is NOT a good time to have Joe Biden as the leader of The United States of America.

To put it mildly Biden nor anyone in his incompetent administration are foreign policy experts.

Afghanistan withdrawal?

An absolute FAILURE.

We crapped away BILLIONS of dollars and gave up the perfect strategic airport/military base that cost us billions to build as well.

A complete disaster.

And of course the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

Biden has screwed that up from day one.

We have done NOTHING to stop that conflict.

We certainly did nothing to prevent it.

All we have done is send weapons- much of it either being destroyed or being sold on the black market by corrupt Ukrainian bastards and we have sent over 100 BILLION DOLLARS completely unregulated with no oversight on where the money actually ends up.

Now we have more war between Israel and the freaking Islamic terrorists-SCUMBAG PALESTINIAN BUTCHERS HAMAS as well as other terrorists that Biden has to deal with.

We have DEAD AMERICANS and Americans being held hostage and Biden hasn’t got a freaking clue on how to deal with it.

The demented dude is completely over his head.

He can’t walk up 3 steps without almost falling on his ass.


Here in America Biden has managed to DESTROY basically everything possible.

From DAY ONE as a result of undoing everything PRESIDENT TRUMP accomplished leaving us with a disastrous economy, dependence on other countries for fuels that we pay up the nose for while depleting our STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES which President Trump had topped off to the top leaving us extremely vulnerable if and when war comes to OUR soil.

Our southern border which was very secure under PRESIDENT TRUMP is in a complete state of chaos.

MILLIONS of illegals are invading our country including a hell of a lot of terrorists who are at this very moment organizing, training and preparing to commit TERROR ATTACKS all over America.

Of course CLIMATE CHANGE or whatever these freaks call it is the MOST IMPORTANT THREAT to America- oh and MAGA EXTREMISTS- let’s not forget that!


Look, I can’t go into everything Biden has done to make America unsafe and the suffering that us legal citizens are dealing with not to mention his corrupt and illegal activities (that the FBI, DOJ and others are ignoring and running cover for) he is personally involved with which include NATIONAL SECURITY issues and numerous scandals in this report but you get the idea- Biden is way over his head.

I have barely touched on the tip of the iceberg on why all the garbage Biden is doing has made it impossible for him to cover ALL the bases when it comes to keeping America safe.

With all of that being said, it’s just impossible for Biden and the idiots he has put in charge to keep their eye on the ball on EVERYTHING.

As a result some of the most dangerous threats to OUR country are not being properly controlled.



And last but not least CHINA!


Trending Politics News reports that the United States is unprepared to confront the expanding nuclear threat posed by Russia and China, according to the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States released on Thursday.

In response, China has warned the United States that “those who play with fire will perish by it” in response to a recent U.S. report evaluating the possibility of simultaneous conflicts against Moscow and Beijing.

“It is an existential challenge for which the United States is ill-prepared, unless its leaders make decisions now,” according to the 145-page report.

After a year of investigation on the topic, the bipartisan group of six Democrats and six Republicans who authored the report produced the document.


Russia and China’s behavior is characterized as “militarily troubling and increasingly aggressive” in the report, which has increased the “risk of conflict between two nuclear peers.”

The report predicts that China will reach nuclear parity with the United States by the middle of the 2030s.

“The objectives of U.S. strategy must include effective deterrence and defeat of simultaneous Russian and Chinese aggression in Europe and Asia using conventional forces.

If the United States and its Allies and partners do not field sufficient conventional forces to achieve this objective, U.S. strategy would need to be altered to increase reliance on nuclear weapons to deter or counter opportunistic or collaborative aggression in the other theater.

The size and composition of the nuclear force must account for the possibility of combined aggression from Russia and China. U.S. strategy should no longer treat China’s nuclear forces as a “lesser included” threat.

The United States needs a nuclear posture capable of simultaneously deterring both countries.

The 2009 Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States reported that the United States was at “a moment of opportunity, . . .but also a moment of urgency” – because the security environment had improved and the threat of nuclear proliferation was the principal concern.

Since 2009, the security environment has dramatically worsened and new existential threats have emerged. This Commission concludes that the United States now faces a high stakes challenge that requires urgent action.

Nevertheless, the Commission has not seen the U.S. government demonstrate the urgency and creativity required to meet the challenge.

Nothing other than synchronized steps taken by the Executive and Legislative Branches will craft the strategy and build the posture the nation requires.

The challenges are unmistakable; the problems are urgent; the steps are needed now,” the report reads.

News Hour First reports that it is clear that America needs to take decisive steps now if we are going to protect ourselves from this growing threat.

In light of the new report, Global Times—the official publication of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—published an article expressing its displeasure with American intentions.

The article seemed to suggest that any effort by Washington to adopt even small sections of this document would be disastrous for world peace and ultimately backfire on the U.S itself.

China’s response serves as a reminder that time may not be on our side; due to their military advancements, they may reach nuclear equality or worse, superiority with us in just over ten years.

We must act soon before it’s too late or else risk dire consequences down the line.

To this end, it is important for American leaders to alter our strategic posture in order accelerate military modernization efforts—this should include modernizing our aging nuclear weapons arsenal while simultaneously adding more stockpiles if necessary.

We cannot wait until it’s too late; only through proactive measures can we guarantee safety for ourselves and others around us.

This is extremely alarming.

I included just a few statements from the 140 page report but I read it all and it is extremely sobering and terrifying.

I seriously doubt that Biden, Blinken, Kirby or anybody in Biden’s useless admin has read it.

These clowns are focused on TRUMP, CLIMATE CHANGE, WHITE SUPREMACY, LGBTQI+ and other crap.

At this rate we won’t have a country anymore.

Again, these are dire times.

We HAVE to take our country back from these leftist morons.

It’s a matter of life or death.


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