TERRIFYING Video Exposes VA’s SHOCKING Treatment Of Wounded Warrior… This Must Stop NOW!



Surveillance video from a VA hospital in California shows something that is very painful and disturbing.

There are absolutely NO people that have sacrificed more for America than our veterans that suffered injuries in combat while fighting for our freedom.

They spilled blood for our country.

Rare is reporting that the surveillance video shows a series of hospital failures delayed treatment for a Rancho Cordova, Calif. veteran. Steve Fehrenbacher proudly served in the Navy for six years.

Those years of service also left him with a serious medical condition that compromised his immune system.

Over the summer, Fehrenbacher went to Mather VA Hospital for emergency care.

“I was exposed to an agent that compromised my immune system,” Fehrenbacher explained.

He is taking several medications but he still has problems which actually cause him to suffer strokes.

The surveillance video was recently obtained by KCRA during an extensive investigation.

It shows Stacy Fehrenbacher, his wife frantically trying to get help for her husband.

Conservative Tribune reported that his wife said, “I was trying to get anybody I could to help me get my husband out of the car, I was screaming for help.”

When she realized no one was responding to her calls, her husband went to the door himself, but was unable to walk any further and he collapsed down to the ground.

“I felt that nobody was coming,” Fehrenbacher said. “And I felt like I would die right there on the floor.”

Stacy Fehrenbacher diligently kept trying to get the attention of someone who could help.

“The first glass door, you can see through it and I could see that there were nurses,” she explained.

“They just looked at me. They didn’t come out to help. They just looked at me.”

That is totally unacceptable and they should all be fired.

Hospital workers finally came to Fehrenbacher’s aid with a wheelchair two minutes after his arrival, but the nurses did not help him get into it despite his obvious inability to walk. An investigation found nurses could not hear the intercom, nor could they see the entry way because the surveillance camera was pointed in the wrong direction.
The hospital has apologized to the Fehrenbachers and are reportedly changing their policy- whatever that means.

This is just one of many failures of the VA during the Obama years that have left our veterans without the adequate, prompt treatment that they more than deserve.

These heroes put their lives on the line for us, the least we can do is give them proper medical care when they come home.

America’s Freedom Fighters wants to thank all veterans and know this- we pledge to always fight for YOU! Our veterans deserve so much better than what the filthy leftists have deemed as acceptable.


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