BREAKING: Massive Terror Attack Just FOILED In Syria- Here’s What We Know

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US-Backed Jihadists Win Fight Against ISIS Attackers — Story Still Developing

Moderate Islamic Jihadists thwarted the efforts of radical Islamic Jihadists earlier today. In a story that echoes ceaselessly in Syria, Muslims clashed with Muslims over their right to be jihadist Muslims this time near the rebel-held Safsafeh village just east of the ISIS-held Al-Thawrah. Here’s how a local propaganda source reported it:

The predominantly-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have repelled an attack launched by the Islamic State on Safsafeh village, located nearly 6 kilometers to the east of Tabqa (Al-Thawrah).

ISIS militants launched the assault from their stronghold of Tabqa city in a desperate attempt to lift the siege imposed by the Kurdish forces.

However, the attack ended in fiasco as the US-backed fighters held their positions, killing scores of the jihadists.

You get the idea.  An independent journalist that was on scene had another story:

There’s disagreement over whether the SDF can be trusted.  In many ways they are only slightly different than ISIS and a more ideal scenario would result in another secular leader to replace Bashar al-Assad.  SDF is a group of hundreds of gangs loosely organized around that title of the “Syrian Democratic Forces.”  The main strength of the SDF is in the Kurdish YPG and they probably have the most justified claim to territory in the region.  It’s going to be very messy for them when it becomes time to detach from these other  groups they have associated with, however.  The Syrian Civil War has many tangled alliances hidden behind these three letter acronyms.

God Bless.

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