BREAKING: Terrorist Attack THWARTED At One Of America’s Largest Airports By HEROIC Police Officer



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A wall of flashing neon berries and cherries flutter around the perimeter of Orlando International Airport this evening in a scene growing all too familiar.  Tonight’s episode, we’re told, is courtesy to what is currently being described as a ‘lone gunman’ by law enforcement officials in contact with reporters on the scene.  The familiarity of that statement is appropriate enough for an edgier Groundhog’s Day reboot.


At present, information from officials is limited, but the police have confirmed that they have entered into a standoff with a gunman who is apparently in a rental car.  That vehicle is believed to be within one of the airport’s garages.


Thanks to the quick thinking of the Orlando first responders, a potential massacre has been averted.  AFF Media can thankfully report that the crisis within the Orlando International Airport has been resolved without any loss of life.  The gunman is currently in police custody and being interrogated.


Earlier reports that indicated shots had been fired within the airport are now believed to be incorrect.  Officials on scene have described the confrontation as tense but nonviolent.  The race, motive, and particular details of the confrontation have yet to be announced.

These moments have a nationwide impact on morale and while tragic, it is not often that we are able to all walk out them alive.  A conflict resolution in such a high energy environment like an American airport post-9/11 deserves praise.

God bless the men and women running towards the chaos while the civilians got themselves to safety and whether this moment had anything to do with international terrorism or not, let it remind you of the vulnerabilities and necessity for extreme vetting.

WESH 2 Reports:

A man accused of pointing a gun at an Orlando police officer has been taken into custody, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings confirmed Tuesday evening.

Airport employees contacted the Orlando Police Department. A portion of the airport was temporarily locked down.

No shots were fired, officials said.

WESH 2 News will post more information as it becomes available.

Source- AFF

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