BREAKING: Terrorist Group Just Claimed Responsibility For Latest TERRORIST Attack- It’s Not ISIS


MAIDUGURI — Islamist insurgency Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the attack on Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri on Wednesday night that killed at least 14 people.

It was the first major assault on the city in 18 months.


The raid took place six months after Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said Boko Haram had “technically” been defeated by a military campaign that had pushed many insurgents deep into the remote Sambisa forest, near the border with Cameroon, Reuters reports.

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Maiduguri is the centre of the government’s eight-year-old fight against Boko Haram, which has been trying to set up an Islamic caliphate in the northeast.


The Boko Haram fighters attacked Maiduguri’s suburbs with anti-aircraft guns and several suicide bombers, a police official said on Thursday.

A new video shows what appears to be Boko Haram fighters moving through the bush with guns and vehicles mounted with heavy weaponry, as well as shots of them holding security passes and other Nigerian military supplies.



The video also showed a man who appears to be Abubakar Shekau, leader of one of two branches of the jihadist group, standing in front of fighters and weaponised vehicles and speaking Arabic, though the Nigerian military has repeatedly claimed to have killed him.

The video is long and is NOT spoken in English but does have some interesting footage:

We found an English translation that we aren’t able to confirm as absolutely accurate but I did quite a bit of research and it seems to be accurate.

This is from Abdulkareem Haruna who writes for Premium Times:

“I am Abubakar Shekau, leader of the group known as Jamaatu Ahlil Sunna Li Dawati wal Jihad. We give thanks to Allah the exalted for bringing us to this day.

“We are happy and we are bringing glad tidings to our brothers who are spread all over the world that God has given us victory after He has safely taken us to the city of Maiduguri, where God has assisted us to chase the infidel soldiers and gave us victory over them.

“The soldiers are out there searching for us in Sambisa forest, but here we are bringing war to them in the township. We came to the city of Maiduguri and got to Jiddari suburb of Maiduguri and the soldiers saw us and fled. They have lied once again to the world that they had killed us. But that was not true. Nothing happened to our fighters. We went there and God helped us to chase the infidels. It is not our doing; but God’s. We went to Maiduguri and killed all that deserved to die and God also helped us to kill them.

“And here are the magnitude of arms and munitions that God has enriched us with. Here we have different bullets for Mark-4, Kalashnikov, hand grenades, and even ID Cards of senior military personnel which we have retrieved from the soldiers and we shall use them to fight them in this war. You shall all see us.

“This is not our wisdom of prowess; it is the support of Allah.

“So, let all our brethren know that the war is there ahead because it has just started.

“We have looted their ammunitions, we have their phones and cellular devices. You all know that all we have and display in this video belongs to you because we did not go and buy them.

“Be reminded once again that the war between us has just started. You should stop deceiving the world that you have finished us. You the defence minister must stop lying to the world that you have killed us all.

“This is a war that our children and grandchildren will inherit from us and carry on with it. It is not a war that can be stopped or finished at once. So, stop lying to the world that you have killed us all when we went to Maiduguri. God took us there, and we fired all the shots into the city; the people of Maiduguri know the truth. Your soldiers fled upon seeing us; that was why God enriched us with the arms and munitions they had left behind.

“You wait and be ready for us; we shall come to you again. We are going to bring the war to you in wherever you all are. God has instructed us to search for you and kill you all, just like you are searching for us in the bushes. We shall bring the war to the cities, so you all should get prepared. For the war has just begun.

“Let the world know that we are alive and well in the bushes; nothing has happened to us; we are living our normal lives and observing our Ramadan fast just like the way every other person is doing.

“Let General Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff, know that he is not enough to deal with us. You need to know that there is no way you could end this war by killing us as you usually claimed. Our brethren in Chechnya and Somalia have been in this kind of war for over many years and it is still ongoing. The same applies to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria as well as Libya. So, do you imagine that you could just come and defeat us at a time? It is not possible.

“The only way out for you is to accept Islam in the proper way and repent your sins. The dispute between you and us is your lack of worship. If you come and do the proper worship of God in Islamic way, then the war would be no more.

“We have no dialogue or truce between you and us. Don’t lie to the world about it; there is never any peace deal between us. What we have between us is fire for fire; rife for rifle. If you repent and become true Muslims then we will lay down our rifles and then we will all come to do proper Sharia.

“To the Civilian-JTF, you should stop wasting your time. You should know that if such kind of vigilante could help you, we would have ceased to exist by now. So, go and repent and come to worship because. Like the infidel soldiers are not sparing your lives so shall we not spare you.

“To the people of Maiduguri, know that your fasting is in vain because God does not accept the deeds of a Muslim that has no true faith in God. As long as you are under constitution, you are an infidel; as long as you are under democracy and you go to western schools, you are an infidel. So, your fasting and prayers are waste of time.

“Our interest is not in killing you, but to see that you accept true worship of God.

“This is our brief message, we invaded Maiduguri and God has helped us to come out safely.”

More than 20,000 people have been killed in Boko Haram’s campaign to establish a caliphate in the Lake Chad basin. A further 2.7 million have been displaced, creating one of the world’s largest humanitarian emergencies.

Despite the military liberating cities and towns, much of Borno state remains off-limits, hampering efforts to deliver food aid to nearly 1.5 million people believed to be on the brink of famine.

The World Food Programme is having to scale back plans for emergency feeding of 400,000 people in the region due to funding shortfalls.


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