TERRORIST Nation Saudi Arabia Hosts UN Backed “Human Rights” Summit… This is ABSURD!


This is like Charles Manson holding an ‘All Lives Matters’ protest…


I just woke up and realized I was seeing a living nightmare across our globe. War is peace and the number one terrorist supporting nation, Saudi Arabia ( no Christian church in Saudi Arabia ) who supported the Taliban and supports ISIS/ISIL is holding a human rights summit? As of late May, 89 people, among them several foreigners, have been publicly beheaded. ” How humanitarian is that?

The decision to hold a UN-backed human rights summit in Saudi Arabia in early June, attended by the Human Rights Council’s chief, has sparked an outcry from rights organizations, claiming that the visit gave the Gulf kingdom “false legitimacy.” The main point of the international summit held in Jeddah June 3-4 was declared to be combating intolerance and violence based on religious belief.

Here’s a few points that may prove otherwise, what’s the saying? A zebra doesn’t change its stripes, I think that applies to the “religious freedom” summit.

1) Non-Muslims are not allowed to hold Saudi citizenship
2) conversion from Islam to another religion is apostasy and punishable by death
3) If born to a Muslim father, you are deemed Muslim and hence face the death penalty if you choose not to be
4) It is illegal to publicly practice any non-Muslim religion
5) Sharia law applies to all residents, regardless of religion
6) The spreading of Muslim teachings not in conformity with the officially accepted interpretation of Islam is prohibited and people have been jailed for doing so
7) Non-Muslims are banned from Mecca
8) Non-Muslim clergy may not enter the country for the purpose of conducting religious services
9) Proselytizing by non-Muslims is illegal
10) Islamic religious education is mandatory in public schools at all levels

Saudi Arabia is one of the few absolute monarchies left in the world. There is no legal code in the country, leaving it to individual judges to set the punishment for a crime in accordance with their interpretation of Islamic doctrine.

The death penalty is stipulated for a number of crimes, including murder, blasphemy, denial of Islamic faith, treason, sorcery, drug smuggling and acts of homosexuality. Adultery is punished with 100 lashes, the penalty for stealing is the amputation of a hand, while drinking alcohol and slander are punished at discretion of the judge. The Gulf monarchy is the world’s only country where women are not allowed to drive.

Human rights activists have also pointed out that the conference took place at a time when the Saudi Arabian Supreme Court had upheld the sentence for blogger Raif Badawi, condemning him to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for “insulting Islam through religious channels.”

This makes the UN Human Rights Council an absolute laughing stock (if it wasn’t already) and proves it doesn’t really care for HUMAN RIGHTS, FREEDOM OR FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! Saudi Arabia needs to be kicked off the Council or it should be dissolved!

I would like to end with a simple question. Why is America still part of the UN? Obviously they are major players and I see no reason why any American would want to rub elbows with a nation of people whose leaders openly chant “Death to America” as well as our allies, it is time we look in the mirror and take care of our own for a change before it’s to late. ~Blaze III%



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