Patriot Placed On Terrorist Watch List & Harassed When Flying For Challenging Mask Mandate

A Kentucky man who challenged the federal mask mandate was placed on the Terrorist Watchlist by the BideNazi administration.

No word on whether they tattooed his arm or put him on the waiting list for the gas chamber but, they probably have.

The Democratic party has been moving in the direction of the Third Reich ever since the election of the Squad.


Attacks against Jews in this county have soared and they are the most attacked of any group in America.

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Anyways, check this out!


View from the Wing reports:

One of the people challenging the legality of the federal mask mandate is Michael Faris, and he’s filed a motion with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals seeking to be removed from a government terrorism watchlist he was placed on after seeking to litigate the mask requirement.


-He filed his suit against the mask rule on October 19. He claims that he should be considered medically exempt from the mask requirement, which the federal regulation allows for, but that he hasn’t been able to obtain such an exemption from any airline.

-On October 21 he couldn’t check in for his flight home from Southern California to Kentucky on United Airlines. He was eventually issued an ‘SSSS’ boarding pass. “Agents told Faris this meant he had likely be placed on a terrorist watchlist.”

-“TSA’s action placing Mr. Faris … on its terrorist watchlist for filing this lawsuit challenging the FTMM represents the absolute worst form of vengeance against citizens exercising our First Amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances,” according to the court filing. “Suing TSA does not constitute a threat of terrorism nor any other risk to transportation security that warrants placement on the watchlist.”

Faris is a helicopter mechanic and he was just finishing a job in Ontario, California. He tried to check in to his flight with his phone, but he couldn’t do it. He was instructed to go to the kiosk at the airport to check-in.

When he used a United kiosk at Ontario airport, it displayed a message to “Please collect the printed document and see a United representative for further assistance.”

They jerked him around continually and then they patted him down five minutes and then swabbed his wallet.

Another passenger who filed suit against the mask mandate claims to have been placed on a watchlist as well, which they discovered after trying to check in for a Delta flight on October 26.

This is what always happens when you question the authority of Nazis. Wake up, America. Vote them out.

Patriots- we all need to take a stand against these far left lunatics by voting these asswipes out of office.

We WILL take America back from these MANIACS!




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God Bless.

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