TERRORISTS: BLM THUGS Trash The Hell Out Of NASCAR Museum And Go On Hunt For WHITE People [VID]


The NASCAR Hall of Fame has been looted overnight in Charlotte, NC. Windows shattered, signs hanging through glass on $195 million dollar museum. A state of emergency declared on the city, the home of NASCAR.

Racial tensions have reached all-time highs in Charlotte, North Carolina with the shooting of another black man, Keith Lamont Scott.  It seems any excuse will be used to loot and riot.

A black man was shot by a black police officer and a press conference was held regarding the same by the black police chief of Charlotte, yet Black Lives Matter is stirring up racial tensions and these thugs and terrorists are targeting white people.



Scott’s family claims he was in his car “reading a book.”  Police Chief Kerr Putney said Scott, a black man, was armed and no book was found at the scene. He was shot by a black officer after refusing repeated demands to put down a gun, which was recovered from the scene.  Middle-class America seems to be disappearing before our very eyes.


Black Lives Matter started riots in Charlotte with roving mobs of violent black men and began attacking white people. Many were injured, including 16 police officer.  A state of emergency has been declared and the National Guard has been deployed.

Police officers used tear gas to clear the area after one protester was shot and is now on life support in critical condition. See disturbing video of the attacks —



A lot of damage was done in Charlotte as a result.  NASCAR’s $160 million Hall of Fame museum suffered heavy damage as well as the Charlotte Hornets team store,  the NASCAR News Center, NASCAR Headquarters, and Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority.  The Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant was looted and damaged as well along with many others.

Apparently, nothing says “justice” like blocking I-85 and lighting fires in the middle of the interstate, damaging property that doesn’t belong to you, and theft. All because of a guy with PCP in his possession that refused to comply with police officers in putting down his weapon.  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes — unfortunately, it seems to be the rest of us that are paying the price because certain portions of communities want to conduct themselves like they live in an insane asylum.

h/t – TMZ & InfoWars

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