BREAKING: Texan’s Get NASTY Surprise After Casting Vote For Trump

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Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas

It seems those claims of voter fraud that James O’Keefe of Project Veritas captured the Hillary Campaign talking about on video, as well as Trump’s claims of a rigged election are already happening according to the residents of at least 2 cities in Texas.  Early voting opened yesterday for the 2016 Presidential Election in some areas for those hoping to avoid the long lines on November 8. It seems that residents are complaining that they voted for Donald Trump only to see the voting machine switch their vote to Hillary Clinton.

In Amarillo, a woman posted her shock on Facebook about seeing her ballot flip from Republican to Democrat.

“Gary and I went to early vote today,” wrote Lisa Houlette, “I voted a straight Republican ticket and as I scrolled to submit my ballot I noticed that the Republican straight ticket was highlighted, however, the Clinton/Kaine box was also highlighted!”

“I tried to go back and change and could not get it to work. I asked for help from one of the workers and she couldn’t get it to go back either. It took a second election person to get the machine to where I could correct the vote to a straight ticket,” she added.14321It seems that another voter named Shandy Clark shared this same issue in Arlington, Texas. Clark stated through her Facebook page – “I had a family member that voted this morning and she voted straight Republican.  She checked before she submitted and the vote had changed to Clinton! She reported it and made sure her vote was changed back. They commented that It had been happening.”


It seems Social Media is abuzz with multiple reports and concerns about votes being switched, especially in light of the rampant election fraud that has been uncovered recently and the charges filed against Hillary Clinton and her campaign with the Federal Election Commission recently. A  post on Reddit reads – “Multiple reports on my Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat, and Twitter from my friends in Texas, and all of them had their vote switched to Clinton automatically.”

The reports prove that Donald Trump’s concerns about a rigged election may very well be true despite the attempts of the Hillary Clinton campaign, Mainstream Media, Obama and his regime attempting to dismiss election fraud and voter fraud as a baseless conspiracy theory that Trump pulled out of thin air.  When questioned about vote rigging and potential fraud, Texas Director of Elections Keith Ingram, ran away from reporters.  David Knight of InfoWars attempted to get answers for the American voting populace about what was going on from Ingram.  Rather than being open and answering simple questions he ran back up the stairs.

It ALWAYS promotes faith in the system that when officials are questioned about potential defrauding of the system that they are supposed to protect and officiate run away rather than face answering those uncomfortable questions.  I’m just over here shaking my head! Yet there are still those that believe these officials and their shady actions.  If any person in your life lied to you with the voracity and frequency that the Mainstream Media and the Hillary Campaign has and still does, you would never believe a word they said. Why then are there still people that believe there is no election or voter fraud happening right before our eyes?

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