Texas Cop Orders Burger And Gets Nasty Surprise On Receipt- Then He Gets EPIC Revenge

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A Texas deputy’s fast food receipt has taken the internet by storm because of a sickening and hateful message that was written on it.

We see this garbage from filthy Obama loving liberals time and time again.

If my kid did this he would get his a**beaten to a pulp.

Check this garbage out.

The incident was described in Facebook post.

“Today, a Texas Deputy was in uniform at the time, ordered lunch through the drive-thru at Schlotzsky’s (Seguin, TX), looked down at his receipt, and saw this lovely memo on it. He called the store and found out it was the cashier that did it! I’m disgusted and disappointed.
I would like to believe this was just one idiot’s actions and not something corporate would approve of. I sure hope Schlotzsky’s will take proper action for this employee’s behavior.
Law enforcement or regular citizen, young or old, man or woman, this is disrespectful to ANYONE.”

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KHOU reports that the filthy employee responsible for the incident has been fired and the company apologized to the deputy.


Don’t you people screen who you hire? This is obviously nothing but a scumbag that has no place in society.

The Seguin Police Department responded to the incident in my opinion, a way too politically correct response. Check it out:

“We want to help clear the air on this unfortunate incident regarding Schlotzsky’s.

A GCSO deputy received this receipt yesterday at a local Seguin Schlotzsky’s drive thru. Their management is 100% convinced that this was not directed at law enforcement. We believe them. The store owner is mortified and has told us that a young employee was goofing off at the register (long story) and she didn’t intend this to actually show up on the paper receipt but rather only to be seen by another person at a different register. Her unkind words did print out though on the receipt. Actually, she had no way to see who was in the drive through. The generous Schlotzsky’s officer discount was added at the window. The young employee went last night with a parent to apologize to the GCSO deputy for her terrible, unintended mistake. She was still held accountable and is no longer there.

Here at SPD, we recognize that one person does not represent an entire organization. One knucklehead move is too often taken as a representation of the organization as a whole. Trust us… we see it all the time. We are asking our community please don’t do this. We believe that this hurtful receipt was not intended for law enforcement but rather represents one person, a young person’s poor decision. Schlotzsky’s is a great community partner with our agency and in fact, also helps out with our Blue Santa program and we support their employee accountability practices. We will continue to patronage there and encourage others to do so as their food and management are great.”

~Deputy Chief B. Ure

Whoever raised this pile of sh*t is a pile of garbage.

Nice job scumbags.

Eventually your kid will be behind bars as her future doesn’t exactly look too promising.

One question to the parents- DID YOU VOTE FOR HILLARY?


Trash. Filth. Scum. Liberals. Cop haters.

God Bless.



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