MORON ALERT: Texas Democrat Lib Says THIS About COVID-19- Immediately Infuriates MILLIONS And Is About To Get A Dose Of “Texas Style” PAYBACK


Appearing on “MSNBC Live,” Texas Demokrat/Communist Rep. Lloyd Doggett commented on a video of a large church service tweeted by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) by saying that he applauds “those who want to share, as I do, their faith here at the Christmas time, but they are leading to the death of other people, both inside and outside their congregations.”


Yeah, leave it to the Democrats to attempt to ruin Christmas, the Christian religion’s most holy day, to politicize COVID-19 and a push to steal more of our liberties.

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From Breitbart:


Doggett said, “I live on a street that has two churches, two or three more are within shouting distance of my house here in east Austin. They are all closed. I thought last night — or tonight, as they have normally Christmas Eve services, they’ve shown that good judgment. Our problem in Texas, frankly, is that we have, unfortunately, a Governor in Greg Abbott who, all along, has been more interested in pleasing President Trump than in protecting the health of Texans. And as a result of that, we have about 26,000 Texans that are not alive today. We will have more of those individuals die. I applaud those who want to share, as I do, their faith here at the Christmas time, but they are leading to the death of other people, both inside and outside their congregations.”

No dude. Abbott isn’t trying to kiss Trump’s ass you overpaid liberal pile of trash- he is upholding the Constitution unlike you filthy Democrat/Socialists.


Check it out:

This is America you scumbag-NOT CHINA or some other Communist hellhole.

Democrats have destroyed America with their propaganda and as a result millions of Americans have had their livelihoods completely wiped out.

Restaurant owners have been devastated for no reason at all. Other small businesses have been wiped out because this is the NWO plan.

Comply, submit or we will ruin you.

Celebrating God at churches as well as feeding people at restaurants has resulted in a minute number of Covid cases whereas the Antifa/BLM protests resulted in a high spread of Covid.

Democrats hate GOD!

They hate everything America and most importantly they hate EVERYTHING that President Trump stands for and will stop at nothing to get him out of the White House including orchestrating the largest election fraud in history with the help of big tech, the MSM, China and corrupt state officials.

From The National Sentinel:

On Thursday during an interview on the dumbest cable news outlet in America, MSNBC, Rep. Lloyd “Poster Child for Term Limits” Doggett (D-Texas) claimed that gathering to worship our Lord and Savior is a lot more dangerous, COVID-wise, than shopping for than, say, hitting a big-box retailer to return that tie you just got that you’ll never wear.

What an absolute putz.

Doggett doesn’t give a rat’s you-know-what about ‘people’ who have died from this virus — and it is a virus, meaning there isn’t any ‘controlling’ it.

The fact that he mentioned Abbott and President Trump in the same breath as COVID-19 just proves, again, that it’s always been Democrats who have politicized this virus…and why? 

So they can control more of our lives, period.

Patriots and libertarians should ring in the new year telling Democrats and that joke of a ‘president’ we’re about to see inaugurated where they can put their hypocritical, selective lockdowns.

It’s a dark, stinky place.

Screw these Communist scumbags.

Do you agree?

#StopThe Steal


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God Bless.

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