Texas Goes BIG To Show Respect For Police… Here’s How They’re Honoring The Boys In Blue


Our great country is experiencing an anti-police movement unlike we have ever known thanks to Obama and his followers. Blacks are calling for the murder of cops as well as whites and we have already seen these executions come to light. But, many Americans are fighting back in support of our brave men and women. Here’s a great story.

At Sunday nights Dallas Cowboys game, Texas stepped up to the plate and paid a wonderful tribute to our heroes in uniform that have dedicated their lives to serve and protect Americans.

Police Officers along with the Fort Worth Naval Air Station – Joint Reserve Base Honor Guard received a standing ovation during a law enforcement tribute and singing of our National Anthem. Hundreds of police officers, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers held the giant American flag during this moving tribute and ceremony. Thank you to the Dallas Cowboys organization for supporting local law enforcement!
Mark at Q Political put these pictures together. Absolutely amazing!

Officers gather getting ready to pay tribute with a giant American Flag! Notice how happy they look!


Police carry the flag onto the field


Men and women from all branches are there to honor the police!


Seeing the giant flag being stretched across a Football field is really kind of amazing


The patriotic display covered an entire football field. So awesome!


Pregame National Anthem Ceremony & Tribute Video!

YouTube Video via arlingtonpolicemedia arlingtonpolicemedia

Thank you Texas for honoring our LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS! #BlueLivesMatter #PoliceLivesMatter


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