JUST IN: Look What Texas Just LEGALIZED…


Texans will be able to openly carry big blades as of Sept. 1 under a bill signed into law last month by Gov. Greg Abbott.

House Bill 1935, which allows open carry of knives with blades longer than 5.5 inches will make it perfectly legal for Texans to publicly carry a range of swords and other long knives.


The new law, while drawing some attention in the press, has stayed relatively under the radar. Some Texas residents Fox News spoke with didn’t know about the change.

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“Some other states are looking at us as a return to the old Wild West,” said Dianna Knipp, owner of Charlie’s Knife Shop in El Paso.


“I think it will be similar to the open-carry law in Texas [for firearms] in that it will be a big stir for a while and then it will die down,” Knipp said.

State Rep. John Frullo, who sponsored the bill, believes the length of the blade doesn’t necessarily make society any more dangerous.


Julian Saenz, an employee at Charlie’s, agrees. “You can make a lot of damage with a small knife if you know how to use it. You don’t need a big knife to make damage. So if somebody needs something for cutting something big, this is good.”

House Bill 1935, which eliminated knives from the list of items that are a crime to carry in Texas, was passed in June with bipartisan support.

Texas penal code made it a crime to carry an illegal knife, which was any blade bigger than five-and-a-half inches. But analysis from the House Research Organization found that some people felt properly enforcing the illegal knife rule could be discriminatory, because the statute was vague and could cause confusion over what constituted an illegal knife.

The law won’t apply everywhere. Those wielding sabers will have to leave them behind if visiting prisons, schools, hospitals, bars, amusement parks, sports events or places of worship.

In passing the law, Texas follows a path previously carved by Montana and Oklahoma, which have OK’d similar legislation.

Each state has its own knife-carrying law. Even before the Texas change, other states were more restrictive. According to Knipp, California and Massachusetts are two of the strictest in the country, only allowing a two-inch blade to be carried. Blades are measured from where the blade enters the handle to the tip.

Check out the report courtesy of Fox News:

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