This Texas Rancher Is Obama’s Worst Nightmare… What He Says Should Wake Up America



Wow! This Texas rancher really tells it like it is. He says that illegal immigration is the BIGGEST problem America is facing and I tend to agree! This guy really makes a lot of sense as you will see. He speaks from the heart and from real life experiences unlike Obama and the other pro amnesty idiots. It’s simple math- Obama’s amnesty will cost us trillions of dollars-period. It is killing our country.

In this short video via former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and his non-profit organization ‘America Takes Action’, he talks about how our nation must be able to “feed, fuel, and fight for itself.” When the rancher in the video talks about the state that America is in, I didn’t expect that it would be so powerful. Enjoy! (H/T Q Political)

Feed, Fuel, Fight

YouTube video via America Takes Action

“Some people are globalists.” Gov. Huckabee says. “Some people are corporatists. I’d like to think of myself as a nationalist. Our first responsibility is to build this nation, not every other nation on the earth but this one…”

As the elections near we face the issue of who to back for president. Me personally, I haven’t even come close to making that decision. Many times, the best person gets shoved aside for the more flashy and more aggressive candidate. And unfortunately, I have to agree with the point that we will need our candidate to stand up to the Democrats, call them out on direct issues and take command.

This is an extremely difficult thing to do unfortunately. I mean, take Mitt Romney for example. He had tons of great qualities- very successful, loving, genuine, an extraordinary love for country and a real nice guy as well. He lost to an angry, bitter, America hating race-baiter with absolutely no accomplishments. But Obama had charisma. He was ‘funny’ and he has the ability to bulls**t while keeping a straight face. Hell, those idiots worship this Kenyan- and that is very sad.

Mike Huckabee… He is a great example of what I am talking about. This guy is a fricking saint but again, I don’t think he would stand a chance against the Democratic scumbags. He takes a stand against Obama’s illegal alien amnesty and I applaud this!

Again, I really like and totally respect Gov. Huckabee and wish that our country were in a better place but I feel that we are so polluted with people that have no morals that a man like this will only serve as a platform for jokes and ridicule. God Bless…

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