Texas wants men to use men’s bathrooms and women to use women’s bathrooms. This is how it’s always been and just because Obama came in and changed the rules doesn’t mean sh*t. Obama is a homosexual and a Muslim drug addict- NOTHING he did as POTUS is valid. He’s a complete scumbag and Texas knows it.

America is a freakshow thanks to demented liberals and we need to put an end to this embarrassing, sick and dangerous garbage. 


You want to be gay? Go ahead! Whatever floats your boat but don’t push your crap on the rest of us. Y’all ruined the rainbow and the Rose Bowl parade and other American traditions by insisting that America changes to suit YOU! Well, y’all can go to hell.

If you are a man who thinks you are a woman you need serious help. The same applies to women who think they are men. You are a mess-PERIOD.

Okay, with that being said The Texas House of Representatives added a measure as an amendment to a bill regarding emergency operations in schools. The amendment requires students to use the bathroom of their biological gender in schools.

Now, THAT makes sense. Pretty simple eh? 


This is unlike a previous bill in the Texas legislature, which was similar to the North Carolina ‘bathroom’ bill and required people to use the restroom matching their biological gender at all publicly owned facilities. That bill passed the state Senate, but has been held up in the House.

Yeah, Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to ‘resist…’ What a joke these scumbags are. 

From Fox News:

Instead, House lawmakers tacked on the bathroom provisions to SB 2078, a bill meant to outline certain school safety requirements and standards. The bathroom amendment was added as a way to improve the “privacy, dignity and safety” of students, according to the author Republican State Rep. Chris Paddie.

The amendment requires schools to provide a single occupancy bathroom for students who don’t want to use the bathroom of their biological sex. It does allow those students to use a multi-occupancy bathroom if no one else is using it.

In debate on the House floor, opponents argued the bill discriminates and questioned whether the single bathrooms will be equal to multi-occupancy bathrooms and whether the amendment is appropriate for the bill.

“The bill as filed is about disasters, and terror attacks and emergencies. How does your amendment fit into this bill?” asked Representative Joseph Moody, a Democrat from El Paso.

“I think it’s absolutely about child safety,” Paddie said.

Moody went on to tell Paddie that transgender students have never attacked anyone in a bathroom.

Moody said statistics on bullying, sex crimes, harassment, and violence in bathrooms show transgender students have only been victims.

Yeah, when a dude dresses like a chick they tend to get harassed- WELCOME TO AMERICA BITCHES.

Paddie argued the bill gives equal protection to transgender students.

“It’s about the safety of the same child that you just referenced, that is a transgender child that’s assaulted. It’s about that student as well. This amendment treats all students the same,” Paddie said.

The bill now goes to the Senate. If it passes, Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign it.

Damn right he’ll sign it.

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Hell, I’ll sign the damn thing.

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“I brought my pencil”
“Gimme something to write on, man” ~David Lee Roth (an old buddy of mine) 

Rock on TEXAS! 

Source- AFF

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