Texas Takes MAJOR Stand Against Unlawful ‘No Concealed Carry’ Signs… Libs Are Furious


Get your hands off our 2nd Amendment rights!



Texas is stepping up and trying to make it unlawful for state and public buildings to post ‘no concealed carry’ signs. I certainly believe that responsible, law abiding citizens in the United States should carry concealed weapons. Not only does it give you a sense of security, but I honestly believe that if more people carried concealed weapons that it would make criminals think twice before approaching people in a hostile manner.


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 at Legal Insurrection reports:


Sadly, it has become all too common for 30.06 signs to be posted where it is unlawful to do so. Someone who lawfully carries in violation of such an unlawful posting commits no criminal offense, but the posting naturally has a chilling effect on the lawful exercise of 2nd Amendment rights. Some of the worst of these unlawful posters have been government entities.

Unfortunately, to date there has been no effective means of punishing those who unlawfully post such civil rights restrictions. Government entities have been particularly out of reach, given their presumed sovereign immunity from legal action.


It is pleasing, therefore, to see Texas move towards ending such unlawful signage, as reported at the Guns.com blog, and in a manner that gives 2nd Amendment rights real teeth and punishes violators–even governmental violators–in their wallets. Violators would face a minimum fine of $1,000 for the first incident, and as much as $10,500 for any subsequent violations.

The bill in question was filed in January and passed the state Senate by a large majority (26-5) in mid-March. In the words of the legislation’s author: “SB 273 protects citizens from improperly posted 30,06 signs used to coerce CHL holders into unnecessarily disarming on government property.”


Local government and state agencies have been more than willing to intimidate CHL holders by continuing to post unenforceable 30.06 signs. There are signs across the state that can be seen on government-owned or leased property. Therefore, in the 2015 Legislative session Senator Cambell (SB 273) and Rep Gullen (HB 226) filed bills to address these unenforceable signs. These bills created a civil fine for agencies or political subdivisions that choose to continue violating your rights. SB 273 was passed and signed into law by Gov. Abbott. It took effect on September 1, 2015.


Although SB 273 was signed into law, there are several local and state level agencies that have made no attempt to remove their unenforceable signage. We need your help to keep track of this unenforceable signage to hold these officials accountable. If you see an invalid 30.06 sign or you are not sure if it an unenforceable sign, please contact us with a picture of the sign, location, county, and any other relevant information you may wish to pass on.

For what society has become, more innocent adults and children are losing their lives. People who carry for the wrong reasons of shooting to kill are getting away with it! Conceal & carry allows people like myself to be properly trained when using the weapon and to shoot to bring down, not kill. Had some victims been able to carry and defend themselves the perp would be in custody and the victim themselves or a friend would still have their lives. 


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