The ‘AMERICAN FLAG CHALLENGE’ All American Patriots Should Be Doing… Viral Video



Videos of people stomping on the American flag has millions of PATRIOTS mad as hell! And rightly so! These people are scumbags. I say get the hell out of America if you don’t like it here!

Arizona resident Bryce Wagoner was so disgusted that he decided to do something about it. So he went outside and recorded a video message for all Americans!


“I challenge everyone I know to go get a flag, put in your front yard, and show that you’re proud to be an American,” says Wagoner.

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It’s a called the AMERICAN FLAG CHALLENGE! Wagoner put it on his Facebook page, and within 48 hours, it went totally viral getting more than 2 million hits.


“I had to build another Facebook page because my personal page has completely blown up,” Wagoner said.

“I’m glad the message went this far. It’s a simple message but it has a lot of meaning to a lot of people,” Wagoner said.


Here’s the video report! 

And here is the actual video!

YouTube video via 23 ABC News | KERO

YouTube video via Voldran

“This is just a simple message for people. Just go put a flag up and display that you’re a proud American,” says Wagoner. Damn right! Fly our flag proudly! GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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  1. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    A good idea to counter the flag stomping. Just one thing to remember. In the mid-1960’s the US Supreme Court ruled desecration of the American flag is both protected free speech and a form of civil protest, both of which are protected by the US Constitution. So when you see those flag stompers, you can hate what they do, but you MUST PROTECT THEIR RIGHT TO DO IT. Otherwise, you’re lying to yourself whenever you say you support the Constitution.

    • dragonflash says:

      Even though I do not agree with what these misinformed puppets are doing, I respect their right to do it. It had just better not be near me. No, I won’t get physical, I will just make sure they understand where I stand.

  2. Fred Baginski says:

    Been a U. S. flag in my front yard since 9/11. Now a Gadsden flag flies with it!

  3. Matthew S Landsittel says:“ref”%3A2%2C”ref_dashboard_filter”%3A”upcoming”%7D&aref=2&arefdashboardfilter=upcoming&ref=bookmark

    This is a call out to all Americans Everywhere… I challenge every state to step up and set up an event to Carry “Old Glory” thru your entire state.
    So far this year alone she has been walked on, spit on, shredded and burned.
    I believe its time for the Tolerable American, All Americans of All Walks of Life to step up and defend her respect. To defend your respect.
    This Flag, Our Flag has stood tall and proud for us all since her creation in May of 1776. She has weathered the storms of many wars, but has stood tall for us even when she was battered and tired.
    Ripped and stained with American Blood, she still stands for us all.
    Be Proud to Salute her, Lift her up with the respect and love she so deserves.
    So me and a group of Fellow Georgian Americans are going to start on June 27th, 2015 in Trenton GA. We will take her on a journey thru the entire state of Georgia to show her that America is her home and that in America she, “Old Glory”, can still hold her head up high and proud…
    To All the Intolerable People, who choose to use her as a racist symbol… to all those who are Offended by our Heritage, our Culture, our Freedoms or our Constitution; it may be your right to show your disgust or disrespect. I say to you, we are done and we are tired of your direct insults to “Old Glory” and what she stands for and represents…
    We Americans, Stand Up to show our respect to you, “Old Glory”
    For standing up and standing tall for us all, in every way possible. For representing and covering in honor, our fallen soldiers.
    Old Glory, I proudly Salute You and Long May You Wave !!

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